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Stephen Krizan

 Stephen Krizan

In 2013, Stephen analyzed and reported data collected from field trials as part of SAIT's ARIS RFID cattle tagging project. He optimized radio frequency antenna and reader placement to ensure animal data was collected accurately and rapidly. Stephen completed five distinct analyses and reports for the research group.

A second project in 2013 involved organizing the data, gathering and ensuring integrity of the data as part of a Calculus I study in order to determine the correlation between incoming math marks and student success in the course. An evaluation of the correlation between a pre-semester algebra test and Calculus I marks was also completed. Results from these analyses provided a clearer understanding of how student performance prior to entering SAIT's engineering programs might affect some students' success in Calculus I. The study revealed the following insights: Math 31 taken in high school is correlated with higher levels of success in Calculus I; and while the distribution of incoming marks in math align with a normal curve, Calculus I marks are fairly exponentially distributed.

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Courses taught:

Bachelor of Science in Construction Project Management

  • Precalculus
  • Calculus
  • Statistics

Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting)

  • Statistics

Research interests:

  • Correlation between students' high school marks/ background and success at SAIT
  • Diagnostic testing as a predictor of student success
  • Documented student disability and likelihood of success at SAIT
  • Analyzing field data with the ARIS RFID group.


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