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Scholarly Activity

In offering its bachelor degrees, SAIT adheres to the standards set by the Campus Alberta Quality Council (CAQC). The council is an arms-length, quality-assurance agency that regulates the degree programs offered by Alberta's post-secondary institutions.

The CAQC requires academic faculty to engage in scholarly output and/or research in order to enhance and maintain their knowledge base to support instruction. To reflect SAIT's commitment to these activities, it is developing a Scholarly Activity and Applied Research Policy.

Scholarship is a multi-faceted activity involving the creation, integration and dissemination of knowledge, and can take many forms:

  • Independent or collaborative research across the full spectrum (basic, applied, educational, policy, quantitative, qualitative, etc.)
  • Staying current and maintaining competency in the content and methodology in one's field and related fields
  • Inquiry and reflective practice
  • Innovation in pedagogy
  • Knowledge translation and reformulation for new applications
  • Composition, creative activity and performance
  • Publication
  • Presentation at scholarly conferences or expert groups
  • Applied scholarship through problem solving practices, innovation, product development (tools, handbooks, manuals, software, etc.)
  • Technology development, patents, technology transfer and commercialization
  • Developing standards, guidelines, and best practices

Scholarly activity at SAIT

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