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Graduate Employment Survey

Each year, SAIT conducts a survey to determine the employment rate, salaries and satisfaction of our newest SAIT alumni. The survey is conducted annually with the most recent class of SAIT grads.

The survey results are shared internally as one method to ensure our programs are relevant to industry and our grads are finding success.

We also share the results externally to help our prospective students make informed decisions about their career paths.

Institutional results

Each year, SAIT conducts a survey to determine the employment rate, salaries and satisfaction of our newest SAIT alumni. The survey is conducted between January and April with the most recent class of SAIT grads.

The data below is employment and salary information about all SAIT graduates from the 2017/18 academic year.

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Number of Graduates Number Responding In Labour Force Employment Rate Total Employed Employed - Training Related Employed - Non-Training Related Not Employed and Seeking Employment Not Seeking Employment Pursuing Education Salary Mean/$Annual Salary Median/$Annual Salary Minimum/$Annual Salary Maximum/$Annual
Overall 4,533 2,942 2,825 90% 2,555 2,011 544 270 117 545 $51,433 $46,800 $20,000 $260,000
School of Business 1,069 671 638 91% 582 415 167 56 33 243 $47,135 $43,154 $20,800 $143,000
School of Construction 567 361 347 92% 320 270 50 27 14 40 $54,262 $50,000 $31,500 $210,000
MacPhail School of Energy 632 418 385 83% 321 235 86 64 33 98 $67,042 $55,500 $27,500 $250,000
School of Health & Public Safety 757 519 509 91% 461 389 72 48 10 57 $52,736 $49,400 $22,680 $144,000
School of Hospitality & Tourism 374 245 242 96% 233 205 28 9 3 19 $34,785 $33,800 $20,000 $65,000
School of Information & Communications & Technologies 673 430 419 90% 376 294 82 43 11 39 $49,200 $48,000 $20,000 $118,560
School of Manufacturing & Automation 263 173 160 86% 138 95 43 22 13 41 $63,662 $54,912 $31,200 $260,000
School of Transportation 198 125 125 99% 124 108 16 1 0 8 $45,345 $41,600 $23,400 $108,000

2018 Graduate Employment Survey Methodology


To determine the extent to which graduates from SAIT programs find employment, the type of employment and the level of starting salaries.


A survey of 2017/18 graduates was conducted between February 4 and May 1, 2019. Information was obtained from 2,942 credit program graduates (out of 4,533 credit graduate records), constituting a 65% response rate. In addition, the survey was conducted with 245 pre-employment graduates (out of 431 preemployment graduate records), resulting in a 57% response rate.


A list of 2017/18 graduates from SAIT programs was generated from Banner. Besides the graduate's name, information on program finished, contact telephone number and email address was provided. Overall, the database included records on 4,964 graduates.


To compile the 2018 employment statistics, SAIT retained the services of NRG Research Group, an independent market research company. Academic Chairs notified graduates to expect the survey one week prior to the survey launch. The survey was conducted by using a multimode data collection methodology – telephone and online. Results were collected only online for the first two weeks of the study and then telephone surveying was used for those who had yet to respond. The two modes were conducted simultaneously for the remainder of the study, with 50% being collected by phone and the remaining 50% collected online (with 1% being filled out through an open-link).

The margin of error overall is equal to ± 1.07 percentage points at the 95% confidence level, finite population correction factor applied. A total of 35,829 calls were made to contact graduated students with an average of 7.6 calls. Additionally, eight email reminders were sent during the course of the study.


The data were input into a database and analyzed. Survey results of those who responded to the survey were subsequently extrapolated to the entire population of graduates/completers. Caution should be used when examining results by programs with fewer than 30 graduates. With smaller base sizes, the percentages may offer a distorted picture when one respondent represents more than 3% of the total respondent base.

Definitions used

In Labour Force - graduates who are employed or unemployed but looking for work.

Employed - graduates employed at the time of the survey, or had been employed prior to the survey for three or more months.

Employment rate - the number of employed graduates as a percentage of all those graduates that responded to the survey and were in labour force

Full-time employment - 30 or more hours of work per week

Permanent employment - the number of graduates employed in permanent jobs

Annualized salary - graduates were given a choice to provide salary information in a form of annual or monthly income, daily or weekly earnings or hourly wages. If the student provided this info in a unit other than the annual salary, the following calculations were used to derive respondents' annualized salaries in full-time jobs:

  • Hourly wage X (hours worked per week) X 52
  • Daily wage X 5 (days a week) X 52
  • Weekly salary X 52
  • Bi-weekly salary X 26
  • Monthly salary X 12

Note: All salaries above $100,000 per year and below $10,000 per year were verified with the respondent.

Note: Salaries and employment rates are not reported for programs with five or less responses

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