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Cyber pressure cooker

SAIT alumnus Nolan Moskaluk and chef instructors

Two of SAIT's chef mentors go head-to-head in a black box challenge for the 21st century. 

Chefs Hayato Okamitsu and Andrew Springett are no strangers to heat in the kitchen. The SAIT instructors have both peeled, diced and sautéed up delectable creations in world-famous restaurants — and now they’re training the next generation of master chefs.

One such culinary protégé is Nolan Moskaluk, who will test his skills in the Canadian National Jeunes Chefs black box competition. SAIT will host the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs International Association of Gastronomy event on Saturday, Sept. 21.

Chefs Andrew Springett and Hayato Okamitsu

While Nolan will open a real-life mystery box of ingredients and race against the clock to create a three-course masterpiece, we’ve challenged his chef mentors to come up with their own creations from a list of digital ingredients. Let’s see what they’ve cooked up!

Black box ingredients landscape

Andrew Springett menu    Hayato Okamitsu menu

Catch up with Nolan to read more about his recipe for competition, and find out how you can learn from top chefs like Okamitsu and Springett to become the next culinary sensation.

Learn more about SAIT’s Professional Cooking and Baking and Pastry Arts programs.

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