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A success story in the making

If your company has closely examined supply costs in light of reduced revenues, you’re not alone.

With a couple years of work experience in the construction industry under her belt and more than 90 part-time certificates to choose from, Nikkita Arria kicked off her Continuing Education journey at SAIT with an AutoCAD Certificate of Completion and followed up with a second in Applied Project Management.

"My primary goal was a career change or advancement," says Arria. "I genuinely felt like I could take any program and know so much about that field even if I started from scratch. However, I also wanted to network and grow my connections."

Networking turned out to be easy. Arria met and shared achievements with a number of peers from her industry throughout her programs.

Scheduling turned out to be equally easy. Program advisors provided encouragement while making sure she wasn't overloaded.

"One of the best things about my experience was the flexibility of the class schedule," she says. "If not for SAIT's evening and weekend classes, I wouldn't have been able to take most of my courses."

Having recently switched from the construction industry to logistics, Arria says her success story is still in the making.

"The programs I completed were a first step to get out of my shell, out of my comfort zone, and try other industries. SAIT definitely gave me the confidence to make this move."

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