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The highs and lows of cannabis use

SAIT following municipal bylaws of no cannabis in public spaces

SAIT following municipal bylaws of no cannabis in public spaces

The prohibition on cannabis in Canada is at an end — but that doesn't change how cannabis can be used on SAIT campuses. We comply with municipal bylaws stating cannabis cannot be consumed in Calgary's public spaces, which includes SAIT.  

The bottom line 

The use (smoking, vaping and edibles) and sale of cannabis is prohibited at all SAIT campuses, as is attending either class or work while under the influence.

The details

Our procedure, Smoking and Use of Tobacco Products HS.1.4.1 outlines the Board of Governors' commitment to providing a safe, clean and healthy working, learning and living environment for members of the SAIT community. The procedure states cannabis cannot be consumed in any form on campus, including designated smoking areas — which are for tobacco use only.

Infringements of this procedure will be addressed as follows:

The procedure does not apply to the use of cannabis for medical purposes when accommodated appropriately. 

  • Students — please connect with Accessibility Services regarding medical cannabis accommodations.
  • Employees — please connect with Employee Services regarding medical cannabis accommodations. 

Make informed decisions 

There are short and long-term health effects of cannabis use. Do your research and be aware of how cannabis may impact you physically, mentally, academically and professionally.

But remember — it's a no at SAIT.

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