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Happy Birthday, Canada!

SAIT employees send a big birthday greeting to our great nation.

SAIT employees send a big birthday greeting to our great nation. 

On a bright day in early June, 328 SAIT employees got into formation to send a special message to Canada for its 150th birthday.

The image was captured by a drone from approximately 40 metres above Cohos Commons Field and shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram just days ahead of Canada day.

A happy hypotenuse spells a happy birthday

Capturing the perfect picture hinged on trigonometry, precision and the help of an expert — Mike Jewitt, former Director of Bands for the Calgary Stampede.

Jewitt used a computer program to map where each employee should stand according to height, then helped SAIT volunteers translate each point on the plan onto a point on the field marked with a piece of numbered tape — that's where the trig came into play.

"To keep the lines straight and square, we needed to measure the hypotenuse and stay true to it," says Jewitt who is currently the Manager of Youth Campus Operations with the Stampede.

Once the tape was in place, SAIT employees came onto the field to find their numbers and say cheese.

One last birthday wish for SAIT

Before employees assembled in the name of our nation, they posed for their post-secondary.

More than 200 faculty and staff members came out to form a big 100 on the field — this time with Heritage Hall as the backdrop — to mark the SAIT centennial one last time.

"It was great to cap off our centennial year with such a fun event — the energy out on the field was incredible and I think everyone was really proud to be a part of it," says Cathy Downey, SAIT's Centennial Director.

SAIT employees fill the Coho Commons field to celebrate centennial.

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