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SAIT takes entrepreneurship global

Dr. Vicky Roy is set to teach a unique online course at SAIT, showcasing the success of local business alumni and reaching hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs across the globe.

Dr. Vicky Roy is set to teach SAIT's next Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), a free elearning course for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

A unique online course at SAIT is showcasing the success of local business alumni and reaching hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs across the globe.

The free elearning course, Business Start-Up: Turn Your Entrepreneurship Dreams into Reality, is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) taught by Dr. Vicky Roy, beginning Monday, Oct. 16.

"It reaches a global audience," says Roy. "The purpose of the course is to help new entrepreneurs and to support them and give them some guidance through the storytelling of all those different entrepreneurs from Alberta."

"That digital storytelling for startups is the first Canadian entrepreneurship/business startup course in French or English . . . It didn't exist in the form of a Massive Open Online Course."

Supporting local entrepreneurs

The course offers four weeks of content for budding entrepreneurs while highlighting the journeys of SAIT alumni who have turned their business dreams into reality.

When the course was first offered last April, 789 people around the world participated from Australia to England to Calgary.

"We had a pretty big percentage of North Americans. The global population roughly 40% from North America and the rest were from Asia, Africa and Europe," says Roy.

She says the MOOC was originally created because SAIT's School of Business was inspired to help Albertans navigate the poor economic conditions after the vicious downturn — which saw recessions in 2015 and 2016 — laid claim to thousands of jobs in the province. With so many people in transition, many needed help in stepping forward into their new professional lives.

The success stories of six SAIT alumni provide the heart of this engaging and informative course:

Roy also uses the story of Thomas Mo of Alberta Apparel for the course.

"It was interesting for me when I started recruiting and looking for stories (from entrepreneurs) in Calgary," she says. "I wanted to focus on the SAIT alumni. We're doing great things here ... I wanted to focus on their stories. We are doing something different here, and our alumni are out there and are very successful. So why not share in that success with other entrepreneurs."

"People can learn from Calgary."

Turning dreams into reality

The MOOC shows people how SAIT graduates have applied their entrepreneurial skills in the marketplace and have become local success stories.

The four-week course focuses on digital storytelling and real entrepreneurial case studies with the seven entrepreneurs. The step-by-step course is structured in four consecutive modules, each addressing the key components of a business plan: business opportunity and market assessment strategy, marketing strategy, operational strategy and financial strategy, says Roy.

"It's all the necessary steps to complete your business plan," she says.

Registration is now open

Business Start-Up: Turn Your Entrepreneurship Dreams into Reality
Monday, Oct. 16 - Monday, Nov. 13 

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