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From 1991 with love

It was a time of fluorescent baseball caps, big hair and Saved by the Bell. The year 1991 also marked SAIT's 75th birthday, and to celebrate, SAIT's Alumni Association buried a time capsule to be opened 25 years later for the institution's centennial.

"We built the capsule," says Jim Fehr, Instructor with the School of Construction. "And we tried to find some cool things to put in there, but I never thought I'd be here when it was opened."

Fehr sealed the time capsule in 1991 and 25 years later, he holds the saw that will open it.

A blast from the past

Surrounded by Sig Zoller and Benny Rao, also original members of the team who buried the '91 capsule, Fehr pries off the lid and gingerly pulls out the first item - a neon pink baseball cap. Three more hats follow, as well as a Trojans banner, SAITSA T-shirts, an academic calendar, an array of alumni pins and memorabilia and a wooden box housing a bottle of scotch, among other artifacts from SAIT in the early '90s.

"Oh yeah," Fehr laughs, pulling the wooden box from the pile. "I wonder what this 25 year-old scotch tastes like.Zoller picks out a looney from the pile of alumni pins. "This was mine," he says. "I put it in the capsule."

As the three members of the SAIT Alumni Association discover treasures from their past, the SAIT archivist, Karly Sawatzky, is there to catalogue and preserve these objects for the future.

"Every one of these items was put in the capsule for a reason - they all represented a part of SAIT's story in 1991," says Sawatzky. "That story will continue to be told when the contents of the time capsule are put on display at SAIT's centennial celebration."

Come to the Reg Erhardt Library on Sunday, Oct. 16 to see the full contents of the capsule, and don't miss the opening of the 1966 time capsule at 1:30 pm in the Irene Lewis Atrium.

Preserve a moment for 2116

Radical SAITSA hanbooksBe a part of the time capsule that will be opened on SAIT's 200th birthday on Oct. 16 2116. There are two ways to get involved:

  • Take a photo and share it using the hashtag #SAIT100. Your photo will be a part of the photo mosaic as well as being digitally preserved for the time capsule.
  • Sign the guest book on Sunday, Oct. 16 to have your message included in the capsule.

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