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The icing on the cake

For Chef Warden, championing SAIT's centennial celebration cake is the perfect cherry on the top of her career as an award-winning baker, decorator, confectionary-blogger, SAIT alumna and instructor in the baking and pastry arts program.

According to Warden, cake-making isn't just about sharing the joy of food with others, it's about gathering ideas and stories and folding them into whatever masterpiece she is working on.
In this case, the story is SAIT's rich history and the inspiring ideas come from the SAIT community.

"Cake is meant to be consumed," says Warden. "What makes cake unique is that it's not meant to last forever. The cake often becomes the conversation piece of the event - when the cutting finally happens, it's almost like an event within the event."

Historical cake for a historical event

The melt-in-your mouth creation is certain to start conversations - the cake is the biggest of Warden's career - one that will total around 90 kilograms of baked deliciousness, served to guests at SAIT's centennial celebrations on Sunday, Oct. 16.

"It's the tallest cake I have ever made," says Warden. "When you stand in front, you will need to tilt your head back slightly to take it all in."

While it's a big order to create such a colossal sweet treat, Warden says she has lots of help. The SAIT centennial cake will take Warden and dozens of volunteers over 365 hours to complete.

Thankfully, SAIT's extended baking and dessert decorating family are pitching in - students, alumni and instructors will be donning their aprons to ensure SAIT's centennial cake is fitting of the momentous occasion, bringing to life yet another example of the world renowned action-based learning SAIT students are exposed to.

Representing SAIT's community

Being a part of the "incredibly passionate" SAIT community of student and resident bakers and pastry chefs is what Warden describes as a large motivating factor for her success.

"My students never cease to surprise me," says Warden speaking to how her students inspire her. "Their talent, drive and enthusiasm are insatiable."

And Warden is excited to see her passion for the SAIT community come to life through the centennial cake.

"It will be showcasing the people that make SAIT happen," says Warden. "Students, faculty, staff, alumni, industry and community."

The delectable dessert cutting and tasting - there will be a piece for the first 2,000 guests - are just two of a number of exciting events happening in honour of SAIT's 100-year celebration. Don't miss the day's activities - bring your family and friends to campus on Sunday, Oct. 16 to be a part of it all.

Get a sneak peek of the cake on Global News.

How do you make a centennial cake?

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