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Funding allowed Stefanie Lis, a second-year photography student, to go on a service learning trip to Cambodia as part of SAIT's partnership with the Global Education Network.

Stefanie Lis knew she wanted to give back.

The second-year photography major also knew how she wanted to give back: by applying for one of the many opportunities offered through SAIT's membership in the Global Education Network (GEN), a partnership between four educational institutions that creates innovative exchange programs for students and employees.

The GEN program that intrigued Lis most was a service learning trip to Cambodia. It involved working on a community-focused project, but the cost of the program was a concern.

"I considered not applying because I support myself and this trip would cost a lot of money," Lis says. "But I really wanted to go, so I applied anyway."

That's when Lis learned there was a Global Education Network student award available. She applied for it and, along with a classmate, was awarded a scholarship.

"The scholarship essentially allowed me to go, because I would not have been able to otherwise," Lis says. 

"My time in Cambodia was amazing. I had never been to Asia and I enjoyed experiencing a completely different culture. I made same great friends from other GEN schools, but the best part was that we built a classroom at a school. Meeting with kids at the school was great — they were adorable and the people at the school were very friendly."

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