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Hard work and good fortune

Growing up in a small village in Thailand, Siranuch Colquhoun’s family was poor. Her mother could only afford to send her to school until she was 16; then she had to go to work.

Sira, as she likes to be called, met her husband and moved to Canada in 2008. She set out to improve her English so she could go back to school. A couple of years later, Sira enrolled in SAIT Polytechnic’s Travel and Tourism program and is now about to graduate.

“My mother is so proud,” says Sira. “I’m the first in my family to graduate from a post-secondary school.”

Along the way, Sira received a student award that helped her achieve her education goals, and now she says she is determined to pay back that help throughout the rest of her life.

Sira is the proud recipient of a Sam Switzer student award of $6,000.  “I am so honoured to have received this scholarship,” Sira says. “It gives me the incentive I need to further my education.”

Sira says she wants to continue her education and she’s currently contemplating her options, meanwhile her next step is to go back to her village in Eastern Thailand and spread her good fortune. “I plan to use the money to pay off my SAIT tuition and for future education, but with what’s left over I would like to help more of the students from my village,” says Sira.

“I believe in giving back what I get. It’s a full circle that goes round and round, passing on the good along the way.”

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