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Craft a resumé that gets noticed

Get career — and Career Fair — ready with help from the Student Employment and Career Centre

Get career ready with help from Career Advancement Services

Get a head start on getting hired with a great resumé — and some pro tips from  Career Advancement Services:

  • Get on My Career Hub — not only will you find an inventory of job opportunities, there's a resumé builder template that can help kick things off.
  • Follow companies you're interested in on social media. Both job postings and social content are full of keywords and hints on what to highlight on your resumé.
  • Get involved and get skills — skills you can include on your resumé, skills your next boss wants in an employee. Check out co-curricular opportunities, student clubs and industry events to get started. 
  • No formal work experience? Talk about current/past school projects on your resumé — things like capstone projects and practicum experience.
  • Clean up your digital act. 98% of companies use LinkedIn for recruiting. While it's good to show a bit of personality, make sure you don't post anything inappropriate that would give a company a reason not to hire you.
  • Remember, always tailor your resumé and cover letter to the position you're applying for.

Need help building your resumé? Looking for tips to improve your current resumé? Drop in anytime between 11 am and 12:30 pm on Wednesday, July 15 and chat with our team of Career Advisors.

📅 Virtual Career Conversations: Resumé Writing
Wednesday, July 15, online
Register through My Career Hub

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