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How's your elevator pitch?

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Whether you're looking to launch your career or have a product/service that you're trying to promote, you need a strong elevator pitch. An elevator pitch tells someone who you are, what you do and what makes you or your product/service unique in 60 seconds or less, the time it takes for a typical elevator ride. A good pitch is short and to the point — it gives someone just enough to leave them wanting more. The goal of any pitch is to make a positive and lasting impression that will make them think of you when an opportunity arises.

Do I need an elevator pitch if I'm still a student?

Yes! SAIT is a great place to start practicing your networking skills even if you're not quite ready to begin the big job hunt. Being prepared with a good elevator pitch will allow you to effectively introduce yourself to future employers and industry contacts at events like the SAIT Career Fair — Tuesday, March 6 — and industry nights. Use your pitch to talk about your program, career goals and what makes you stand out from your peers. The key is to make yourself memorable so when the time comes to get to work, they'll know who you are and why you'd make a great addition to their team.

To recap, a good elevator pitch should:

  • Quickly and effectively tell someone who you are and what you offer
  • Spark their interest so they're left wanting to know more
  • Explain what makes you or your product/service unique

Practice makes perfect

The Student Employment and Career Centre offers workshops on how to craft an elevator pitch — to view the schedule and register, log in to My Career Hub.

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