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Keep skills sharp with SAIT’s hands-on training and development

September 24, 2018

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SAIT produces job-ready graduates. That much is well known. Less known is that SAIT Corporate Training can keep employees up-to-date with improved soft and technical skills, long after graduation.

"Corporate Training is a natural extension of a SAIT education," explains Craig Hess, Director of Global Corporate Development at SAIT. "Companies turn to SAIT to hire job-ready, trained employees, and can later turn to SAIT to keep those employees growing and learning."

Three ways SAIT can help your team grow:

  1. Choose from hundreds of proven programs. Employees will learn new skills one day and put them into practice the next — adding value to your organization right away. 
  2. Take a semi-tailored approach. If you like an element of one course, but want to also focus on elements from another, SAIT Corporate Training can blend content. We can also offer customized timeframes, such as two days of delivery instead of four, if that's the time you have.
  3. Let us create a program fully tailored for your employees, backed by the expertise of our skilled curriculum developers.

Become an MVP

For smaller companies, or any organization looking for flexibility in how they provide training to individual employees, SAIT has the Multi-seat Value Program, MVP. Pre-purchase a pack of seats at a great price and you decide if one person will take 10 courses, two employees will take five, etc.

"This is a great option for companies who are small to mid-sized and don't have 15 managers to send for leadership training, for example," explains Hess. "You send who you want for the programs you want, and you get great value buying the seats in advance."

SAIT Alumni

"We like to say to alumni, think SAIT first for your employee development, because learning doesn't end the day you graduate," says Hess. Whether you're a member of a large company or you manage your own business, you can recommend SAIT Corporate Training, knowing SAIT offers practical education taught by industry experts.

Learn more about SAIT Corporate Training by contacting us at 403.210.5757, or toll-free at 1.866.884.7117 or contact us online.

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