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ARIS tour makes course content tangible for SAIT students

April 21, 2016

Students tour the ARIS facility.

Classroom lessons came to life when 66 SAIT students in the Supply Chain Management program visited Applied Research and Innovation Services (ARIS). The students, accompanied by instructor David Cooper, were studying disruptive technologies - innovative technologies that "shake-up" an industry. Radio-frequency identification technologies (RFID), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and 3D printing are examples of disruptive technologies being researched at ARIS - making us the perfect place for the students to visit.

ARIS research associate Glen Kathler told the group his RFID Application Development Lab (RADLab) researchers work exploring new applications of RFID and UAV technologies, while research associate Jim Nikkel and researcher Timothy Huynh showed the students some 3D printing in action in the Solids Modeling Lab.

"These technologies will have enormous significance for supply chain management over the next few years, either as augmentative or disruptive technology applications," said instructor David Cooper. "Students need to be alive to not only this change but also to the opportunities and challenges they present to the status quo. By visiting ARIS, the students gained a more in-depth understanding of these changes and were able to place the technology into a context."

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