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Wall-to-wall innovation with environmental chamber

March 08, 2016

Researcher Brandon Pool installs hydronic tubing on the environmental chamber.

A massive environmental chamber (a 13x13x13-foot, wood-stick framed cube) being built by Green Building Technologies (GBT) researchers will be comprised of sensors, steel, insulation and drywall. The chamber will allow industry partners to determine the "R" value (heat resistance) of innovative wall assemblies.

The chamber is pulled apart through a runner-system, which allows the wall segment to be placed in the metering box where the "R" value is determined.

"There are over 80 temperature sensors on each side of the five metering-box walls. If we can control and verify that the temperature on the inside and outside of the metering box is the same, we know there's no energy transfer," explained project lead and researcher Brandon Pool. "Therefore, all the additional energy fed into the metering chamber to maintain a steady temperature is being lost through the sixth wall, which is the one being tested."

The chamber is part of GBT's testing technologies which include a compressive racking and impact jig. Together with the environmental chamber, industry partners will be able to take new wall products from an idea to market. All of the structural-testing equipment is designed according to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards, which ensures they are up-to-code.

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