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Job shadowing a machinist

September 15, 2015

Cooper Shewchuk posing with the steering wheels he created using the ARIS waterjet cutter and lathe.Whether it's a term project or internship, ARIS staff and researchers work with students on a regular basis. Recently, ARIS machinist Mike Shewchuk was job-shadowed by his 17-year-old nephew, Cooper Shewchuk. The duo worked for two days in the Enerplus Centre for Innovation lab.

"My brother is involved with fabrication, so there's that interest in the family," said Shewchuk. "Cooper was interested in the work I do, and I wanted to encourage him."

On his nephew's first day, they created a shank adaptor for a large countersink. "With my instruction, he was able to face, turn, drill and do all the standard lathe operations. We stuck to the manual lathe and milling machines because if you want to be a machinist, you need to learn the basics."

On his second day, Shewchuk's nephew learned how to use ARIS's state-of-the-art waterjet cutter. He cut out two small metal steering wheels and — using the skills he learnt on the first day — machined all of their surfaces.

"Starting out with just a piece of metal and turning it into something is pretty rewarding," said Shewchuk. "I think Cooper learned that through the whole experience."

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