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Operating off-grid

July 20, 2015

If you pass by the GBTAC area (located on the corner of 14th St. and 16 Avenue), you'll see the off-grid portable water closet we're testing and monitoring for Worthington Construction Ltd. This portable water closet is meant to be used in areas where access to water and/or amenities is limited, such as construction sites or disaster areas. Once the monitoring system has been installed, the W.C. will be transported to an active construction site for prototyping testing and monitoring.

Here are some fun facts about how the W.C. operates:

  • The W.C. is powered by solar photovoltaics (converting solar energy into electricity).
  • Solar thermal energy is used to heat water for space heating and handwashing.
  • Human waste is processed internally through biodigester technology.
  • The W.C. harvests rainwater, which is filtered and treated for sanitation and handwashing.
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