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Closing the Cybersecurity skills gap

Four SAIT programs respond to the need for cybersecurity professionals.

You’re standing in line for a hockey game. As you approach the person scanning tickets, you realize you don’t have yours on you. You could turn around, run home and get them — or you could download the ticketing app onto your phone, access your tickets and be on the other side of the gate within minutes.

This is just one example of how access to apps like StubHub, Uber, Spotify and mobile banking add a whole new level of convenience to our lives. In exchange for these simplifying services, we provide our personal information and credit card numbers.

But after we disclose this type of information, how do we know it’s being protected?

As reliance on tech-based services such as mobile apps rises, so do cybersecurity threats. Every day, companies and individuals fall victim to cyber-attacks, compromising their networks, devices, programs and sensitive data.

This is where information security experts come in. Constantly seeking out vulnerabilities, these professionally-trained technicians stay ahead of hackers attempting to breach data from servers and phish information.

The rapid growth and adoption of tech-based services has unveiled a massive talent gap in the cybersecurity field. A 2018 report by Deloitte Canada projects that by 2022, there will be global shortage of 1.8 million cybersecurity professionals.

To help bridge that gap, SAIT offers four programs to train the latest workforce of information security professionals.

Consider a new career in cybersecurity or update your skills and knowledge in the area — SAIT has the programs to jumpstart your cybersecurity career.

Information Systems Security diploma

Full-time course load delivered during the day

The Information Systems Security program is designed for those beginning their careers. It prepares you for entering the security profession with confidence and solid fundamental knowledge. Students will use a wide variety of defensive and offensive tools while learning the fundamentals of: networking, malware analysis, reverse engineering, operating system exploitation, computer forensics, legal/ethical issues, social engineering and military strategy.

Information Security Analyst post-diploma certificate

Part-time course load delivered during the evenings and weekends

The Information Security Analyst program is intended for professionals with an IT background looking to upgrade their information security skills. Students will learn to investigate cybersecurity events or crimes related to IT systems, networks and digital assets. You will also learn to review, analyze and evaluate incoming cybersecurity threats that impact strategy and operations.

Cyber Security for Control Systems post-diploma certificate

Part-time course load delivered during the evenings and weekends

This program is designed for those with either an IT or Instrumentation background. It addresses the business risks specific to securing control systems in sectors such as drilling and well sites, power plants, power grid, water plants, manufacturing, production lines, telecommunications and hospitals.

IT Security certificate of achievement

Part-time course load delivered during the evenings

This certificate is geared towards hobbyists and those interested in learning more about the fundamentals of information security. Courses cover IT security policies and ethics, and the requirements to ensure a secure IT network system. You’ll learn operating system concepts, introductory computer forensics, privacy legislation, network protocols and perimeter security among other topics.


This story is part of an ongoing series celebrating SAIT’s technology training and innovation. Learn more about our Information Technology Security programs.

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