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Traffic and Parking Infractions

In order to keep SAIT a safe environment for all campus commuters and maintain a high-level of service for those that park on campus, infraction tickets are given to vehicles that do not comply with parking and transportation regulations.

Tickets range from $45 to $300 — if a vehicle displays a stolen, counterfeit, altered or illegally transferred permit, a maximum fine of $300 will be applied. Vandalism, property damage and fraudulent behaviour will also result in a maximum fine and/or restitution.

Failure to purchase parking will result in vehicle being unauthorized. Unauthorized vehicles will be ticketed and/or towed at owner’s expense.

Outstanding tickets twenty (20) days or more will result in loss of privilege of operating or parking a vehicle on campus. Vehicle is suspended until the penalty has been paid. A suspended vehicle on campus will be subject to additional fines, removal, impoundment, and/or immobilization. If your vehicle is immobilized a removal fee will apply.

Below is a summary of parking infractions and the associated fine.

Infraction Description Fine
100 Permit expired or incorrectly displayed. $45
101 Infractions not listed in this section, but which are contained elsewhere in the regulations. $45
102 Illegible, lost or stolen permit not replaced. $45
103 Parking in loading areas longer than 30 minutes without authorization. $45
104 Parking incorrectly in a lot. $45
105 Parking longer than 48 hours without authorization. $45
106 Parking in excess of the posted time limit. $45
107 Parking within gated lots when not authorized. $45
108 Parking on a roadway or other location outside the boundaries of a parking facility. $45
109 Parking in a reserved stall or serviced zone without appropriate permit or authorization. $45
110 Parking when the right to park has been suspended. $65
111 Parking or driving on a sidewalk or landscaping. $65
112 Parking with a stolen, counterfeit, altered or illegally transferred permit. $155
113 Reckless or careless driving or exceeding the speed limit, or travelling at an unreasonable speed. $65
114 Moving, damaging, defacing, altering, or obstructing any parking sign, control device or barricade. $300
115 Obstructing a posted fire lane or emergency zone. $65
116 Failure to yield right of way to a pedestrian. $45
117 Failure to comply with the no idling program. $45
118 Immobilization device removal fee. $105
119 Failure to comply with a traffic control sign or signal (other than speed control sign) or a signal or direction of a parking and traffic officer, parking attendant or Campus Security officer. $45

Payment of fines

Fines can be paid online with a credit card or in person at the SAIT Parking Office, Campus Centre, room V215. In-person payment is accepted by cash, cheque, debit, Visa and MasterCard.

Pay a ticket


Appeal of a parking fine must be submitted within five days following the ticket's issue date.

Infraction tickets can be appealed in the following cases:

  • Mechanical failure of parking payment devices (only when no other functioning device was available.)
  • A factual error in the parking ticket, including location, license plate number or date and time.
  • Genuine extenuating circumstances over which the appellant had no control.

Appeals can be made online or by obtaining a notice of appeal form from the SAIT Parking Office. Appeals made outside of the required time allowance or made without a proper justification will be denied.

Appeal a ticket

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