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Current students

Will I be able to graduate? What about final exams and final grades?

SAIT is committed to maintaining academic integrity. Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, our approach to course completion and grading is to ensure students complete their studies with the required competencies and appropriate recognition for their accomplishments.

  • Our goal is for SAIT students to end the semester having completed as many of their learning outcomes as possible.
  • Learning outcomes for each course are documented on the course outline in Brightspace.
  • Instructors are working with program academic chairs to identify the best way to assess course completion, which may include an exam or an alternative assessment. 
  • Alternative delivery methods will be explored to allow applied outcomes to be achieved remotely where possible, for example, simulation.
  • If at least 70% of course outcomes cannot be achieved or if any accreditation or regulatory requirements cannot be met, an incomplete or "I" grade will be assigned. 
  • The remaining content will be delivered and completed when students and employees are able to return to campus. 
  • There will be no cost to students who may need to return or do their remaining course work at another time.
  • A final grade will be assigned for each course and GPA calculation will be based on grades earned. 
  • All students will receive grades to ensure academic standing is maintained and the pre-requisite requirements remain intact, for clarity and continuity in progression. 
What if I need to withdraw?

Students currently finishing Winter 2020 semester online

  • The deadline to withdraw has been extended to April 1.
  • If you’re not in a position to finish the semester, you’re encouraged to discuss the implications of withdrawing from a course with your Academic Chair or Academic Advisor before deciding to withdraw.
  • If you're an international student, please connect with an International Centre immigration advisor before deciding to withdraw. 
  • Students who wish to withdraw will have a ‘W’ grade on the transcript.
  • Students seeking withdrawal are required to follow a process and ensure approval from their Academic Chair or Academic Advisor before they finalize their decision to withdraw.  You can submit your request to withdraw by email to your Academic Chair or Academic Advisor. The email must include: course name, course code, SAIT ID number and a clear statement indicating your decision to withdraw.
  • Students who are withdrawing due to a personal COVID-19 related health issues or severe financial hardships are required to submit a request for a refund and follow an approval process administered by Office of the Registrar and supported by the Academic Division.

What if I want to cancel my Continuing Education class?

If you choose to cancel your current Continuing Education class at this time, a full refund will be issued. To cancel, contact the Office of the Registrar. Given the circumstances and volume, we are doing best to ensure a refund occurs within four to six weeks. 

I've been told my program/course is cancelled. Do I get a refund?

If you received a message indicating your course has been cancelled and a refund will be provided, SAIT will process this automatically and you do not have to call us. Given the circumstance and volume, we are doing our best to ensure a refund occurs within four to six weeks. 

Does this mean classes will only happen online until the end of the semester?

With the Government of Alberta’s decision (March 15) to officially suspend all in-person classes for all K-12 and post-secondary institutions, SAIT has transitioned to online delivery for the remainder of this semester. The online delivery method will continue through the spring/summer term as well.

My class still has a group project — how am I expected to work on that with my teammates?

Classes may continue to have a group project component, but there is absolutely no expectation that you connect face-to-face with your teammates to work on class assignments. Use the virtual tools available and recommended by your instructor — Microsoft Teams, Google Drive and others — to complete group assignments. Follow social distancing instructions from Alberta Health Services.

I'm struggling financially. Who can I speak with?
If you're a current SAIT student experiencing financial hardship, we may be able to help. Please contact early.alert@sait.ca.

What about students on practicum?

The safety and health of students is our top priority. Alberta Advanced Education recognizes these are critical methods of program delivery and students can, therefore, continue if the host organization permits their presence. Students who feel unsafe in their practicum or have questions specific to their program should contact their instructor or academic chair to discuss alternatives.  

I’m not from Calgary, can I return home?

With classes transitioning to online delivery for the remainder of the semester, you are no longer required to attend in-person classes and can complete this semester from where you feel most comfortable. Please be sure to let your instructors know. If you're an international student, please discuss your plans with the International Centre first — refer to the International Students page.

How do I report my absence?

Once classes have transitioned online, if you need to miss a class because you’re ill or need to self-isolate, follow the current process for reporting absences in your program.

I am taking a one-day course/my company is sending me on training at SAIT. Is this affected?

Our Continuing Education team or Corporate Training team will be in contact with individuals and companies to offer the option of a refund or to reschedule.

What happens if I live in SAIT Residence?

As the province continues to move forward with more measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19, there is a need to decrease density at SAIT Residence and reduce the overall risk to our community. SAIT has asked residents from Alberta to move out of Residence by Monday, March 23 if possible. The Residence team is available to support any students who are not able to move out due to personal circumstances and accommodations can be made to extend their stay as needed. Email residence@sait.ca or call 403.284.8013 for details. 

For those still living in SAIT Residence, here are some things to know

I have things in my locker. How do I get them?

SAIT has moved to an essential services operations model. Buildings are closed and locked, with access restricted to essential services personnel only. This will maintain safety, maximize resources, conserve energy and ensure the cleanliness and sanitization of spaces. 

A coordinated opportunity for students to come on campus to empty their lockers was available March 24 – 27. 

Message from Saitsa

If you  couldn't make it to clean out your locker, we will not be emptying lockers until (at the very earliest) June 15, 2020. Your items will stay in your locker. We want you to be assured that we will not be removing items from your locker until you have been contacted. If you have any questions, please email  lockers@edu.sait.ca.  

What will happen to my UPass?

As part of our response to COVID-19, SAIT has made the decision to suspend UPasses for students for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2020 term (May to August)UPass fees are an automatic student fee, charged to all SAIT students regardless of use. In discussion with Saitsa, it was decided this money would be better left in students' pockets. 

If you currently have a UPass, it will be valid until April 30.  

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