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VPN Instructions (Windows)

If you require access to the SAIT internal network you can now download and install the new GlobalProtect VPN client.

Local admin rights are required to download the VPN client. If you don’t have local admin rights, contact the ITS Service Desk:

This guide provides instructions on how to download and install the GlobalProtect VPN client for Windows.

VPN installation instructions

1. Launch any browser.

2. Login to https://portal.sait.ca with your SAIT login (not your SAIT email address).

3. Click Download Windows 64 bit GlobalProtect Agent hyperlink.

4. Do not click Run. Click Save or Save As, depending on your browser:

Edge and Internet Explorer:


Downloads automatically get saved to your Downloads folder. Click on ‘Show in Folder’ (bottom left of screen).


Click Save File. The msi installer will get saved to your Downloads folder.

You can also click the down arrow at the top left and click the folder icon.

Double click on the msi to install.

6. Click Next to start installation.

7. Click Yes to the User Access Control prompt.

8. Click Next to confirm installation

9. Click Close when installation is complete.

10. Open GlobalProtect app from task bar (grey circle icon).

GlobalProtect application opens.


11. Enter the portal address portal.sait.ca (this only needs to be done once during your first connection). Do NOT enter https:// in this window.

Sign in using your computer login credentials. 

For SAIT students: acdm\studentID (without leading zeros, same as student computer login). eg. acdm\123456

For SAIT staff: domain\username (same as staff computer login). eg. acdm\jdoe

You are now connected to SAIT internal network.

If you are asked for an admin username and password or run into any issues, please contact ITS.Support@sait.ca.

Mapping network drives

Ensure you are connected to the VPN first 

*After they are mapped, it is recommended to create a shortcut on your PC  you can double click on the shortcuts after connecting to the VPN. 

Windows 7:  

Select Start  My Computer  right click “Map a Network Drive” 

Windows 10:

Select Start  This PC  right click “Map a Network Drive” 

Drive Path (your O:drive, copy + paste): \\acdm.ds.sait.ca\rootdfs or \\admn.ds.sait.ca\rootdfs for ADMN staff 

Select use other credentials: 

Usernameacdm\jdoe (SAIT student ID without leading zeroes or staff computer login name – can also be admn\jdoe) 

Password: computer login password 

For H: Drive requests, please contact ITS.Support@sait.ca

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