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Tutoring Services

SAIT is dedicated to your success. Tutoring Services offers a wide variety of supports and resources to help you reach your academic goals. 

Volunteer peer tutoring

Interested in becoming a volunteer peer tutor and having your volunteer work recognized? We are currently accepting applications for up to 20 volunteer tutors. 

What does a volunteer peer tutor do?

As a volunteer peer tutor, you will assist your tutees in understanding course material, which will help them become more independent learners. You must have an 'A' grade or higher in the courses you wish to tutor. Through peer tutoring, you will give your tutees the individual and specialized attention that a student may need in order to accommodate their learning.

Volunteer peer tutors are eligible for credit through the SAIT Co-Curricular Record.

Become a CCR peer tutor

CCR peer tutors must meet the following requirements:

  • enrolled in 2nd year (or higher) of your current program
  • overall GPA of 3.6 or above and 'A' grade in the courses you wish to tutor
  • you must have instructor or academic chair endorsement
  • excellent communication skills and a keen interest in helping others
  • multitasking and organizational skills; leadership qualities
  • clear and articulate command of the English language
  • willing to work with any student in need of assistance
  • complete PREP 100 either in person or online (year-round online registration available)
  • aware that this is a co-curricular activity — not a paid position

If you are interested in this opportunity and meet the requirements above, apply to be a volunteer peer tutor. Depending on demand and availability, you will be matched with a tutee who requires your help. 

One-on-one tutoring

Connect with a tutor through the SAIT Tutor Registry — a list of available peers and professionals who have been checked to ensure qualification in their field or subject area. 

Tutors set their own availability and hourly rates* and will work with you to schedule sessions and arrange payments. The registry is updated weekly with new tutors and schedules. 

* SAIT does not employ tutors through the tutor registry. Tutors are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee that there will be tutors available for every subject area. 

As part of our new CCR program, volunteer peer tutors may also be available for your subject area. Submit a request for a volunteer peer tutor and get the one-on-one help you need — for free! 

Become a tutor for hire at SAIT

Join the SAIT Tutor Registry as either a peer or professional tutor. 

Register online to become a peer tutor — you must submit a resumé and:

  • be in your second (or higher) year of study in a SAIT program
  • maintain a grade of 'A' in the course(s) you wish to tutor
  • maintain an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher

Register online to become a professional tutor — you must provide transcripts and a resumé and be either:

  • a SAIT graduate with an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher and a grade of 'A' in the courses you wish to tutor 
  • a diploma or degree holder in the same area as the courses you wish to tutor (include credential and grade details)

Stay safe

Always meet your tutor in a public place. We do not require tutors to provide criminal records checks and we cannot guarantee their personal character. 

Upcoming workshops and tutoring labs


Drop-in tutoring labs

Tutors will work with you — either one-on-one or in a small group — to help you understand course content. Tutors are available for most math/science courses, as well as a few specific programs at SAIT, so come to the Lamb Learner Success Centre (room MC221) or email tutoring@sait.ca for the most up-to-date schedule. 

Tutoring in math/science is available for many courses, including:

  • ACCT 215
  • APSC 180
  • BMAT 230
  • CHEM 181
  • CHEM 182
  • MATH 100
  • MATH 180
  • MATH 181
  • MATH 182
  • MATH 238
  • MATH 280
  • MATH 288
  • PHYS 181
  • PHYS 182
  • PHYS 235
  • STAT 220
  • STAT 245
  • STAT 270
  • STCS 255

SAIT writing tutor

Need feedback on assignments? Have questions on topics like grammar, punctuation, citations and other writing-related issues? Email writing.help@sait.ca with your questions or to get feedback on your paper/assignment.

In your email please include:

  • your name
  • your student ID number
  • course code
  • instructor name
  • your program of study at SAIT
  • the reason for submitting your paper/assignment

We will usually respond within 48 hours, but service times may increase during peak times. Note: This service will not edit or proofread papers/assignments.


Some SAIT courses are known for having high drop, withdrawal and fail (DWF) rates. If you are taking any of these courses, check out our evening tutorials. During these sessions, the tutorial instructor will review challenging course concepts in a structured classroom setting. No registration is necessary. 

DatesCourseDaysTimeRoom   Instructor  
Sept. 11 - Dec. 7 MATH238 Monday / Wednesday 5 - 7 pm MB007 Ahmad Bahaaddeen
Sept. 11 - Dec. 7 MATH238 Tuesday / Thursday 5 - 7 pm MB007 Femi Ali
Sept. 11 - Dec. 7 BMAT230 Monday / Wednesday 5:30 - 7:30 pm MB019 Steve Gao
Sept. 11 - Dec. 7 STAT270 Tuesday / Thursday 5 - 7 pm MB019 Joe Farah
Sept. 11 - Dec. 7 ACCT215 Wednesday 6 - 8 pm MB005 Natasha Hemraj
Sept. 11 - Dec. 7 ACCT215 Tuesday / Thursday 6 - 8 pm MB005 Patrick Meindersma

MATH 123 Mathematics refresher course

Before you start your full-time program at SAIT, get ready with MATH 123. This free mathematics refresher course will boost your mathematical skills, remind you of the basics and get you ready for calculus. This course is geared towards students expecting to take MATH 237 or MATH 238 as part of their program. 

Topics include a review of algebraic equations, geometry, functions and graphs, trigonometric functions, factoring and fractions, quadratic equations, exponents and radicals, exponential and logarithmic functions, additional types of equations and systems of equations, equations of a higher degree, variation, additional topics of trigonometry, plane analytic geometry and transcendental functions.

Take the SAIT Pre-Calculus Self-Diagnostic test. If you score less than 70%, we strongly recommend that you take MATH 123. 

MATH 123 is currently closed for the 2017/2018 academic year. This course is offered each summer, prior to the start of the fall semester. The next sessions will be offered in August 2018. 

Upcoming datesDaysCRN
No upcoming sessions  

MATH 123 is available to current SAIT students only. There is no cost for this course. 

Contact Tutoring Services

Lamb Learner Success Centre, room MC221, Stan Grad Centre