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Peer Ambassadors and Leaders (PAL)

Get the support you need to be successful at SAIT and beyond through the Peer Ambassadors and Leaders (PAL) program.

The PAL program is a unique opportunity for you to connect with other SAIT students — your peers — who will support you while you gain valuable hands-on experience, develop lifelong skills and experience campus life.

PAL Mentorship Program

The PAL Mentorship Program is designed to match experienced SAIT student mentors with first-year student mentees who are looking for support and guidance through the first-year student experience. The PAL Mentorship program focuses on empowering both mentors and mentees, and will provide you with guidance and support for non-academic issues you may face. Our goal is to help you develop skills and experience for a successful transition into post-secondary and beyond that — into industry.

Mentors and mentees have structured and formal relationships based on specific goals. Mentees and mentors are paired for one academic year — September to April — and are expected to meet about once a week during that time. Mentors and mentees who fully participate in the PAL Mentorship Program are eligible for credit through SAIT's Co-Curricular Record. 

Mentoring is not the same as counselling or tutoring. If you are in need of either of these services, contact Student Development and Counselling or Tutoring Services.

Become a mentee

Are you starting your first year at SAIT? Become a mentee and you'll be paired with a mentor — an experienced SAIT student — who will help you navigate student life at SAIT. Your mentor will be a source of guidance and encouragement, referring you to services on campus, encouraging you to get involved in events and activities and helping you to develop strategies for success at SAIT.

Mentee benefits: 

  • Become oriented to SAIT
  • Learn about resources and services on campus
  • Develop collaboration skills through networking and relationship-building
  • Gain skills and experience in effective communication
  • Practice professionalism through maintaining a structured, mentorship relationship
  • Learn and practice critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Meet new people

Before you can apply to be mentee, attend one of our orientation and training sessions.

Become a mentor

Are you a returning SAIT student? Become a mentor and you'll be paired with a mentee — a first-year SAIT student — who is looking for guidance in making a successful transition into SAIT. As a mentor, your role will be to help your mentee adjust to student life by guiding them in strategies to succeed, referring them to resources on campus and encouraging them to get fully involved in the student experience. Don't worry — you'll have access to training and support along the way.

Mentor benefits:

  • Boost your leadership skills through guiding, encouraging and supporting your mentee
  • Develop your interpersonal skills through effective collaboration and relationship-building
  • Enhance your self-awareness through positive role modelling
  • Learn and practice engaging communication techniques
  • Enhance your critical thinking abilities through guiding and assisting your mentee in problem-solving
  • Improve your career profile and employability  
  • Meet new people

Mentors are not tutors and you will not assist your mentee in completing coursework.

Before you can apply to be a mentor, attend one of our orientation and training sessions.

Get the most out of SAIT: build your Co-Curricular Record

The SAIT experience amounts to more than a grade point average listed on your transcript. Your education is built on everything you do while you're a student — inside and outside the classroom.

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) program helps students track, reflect on and showcase the skills they gain through volunteering, club membership, mentoring, tutoring and more — including the PAL program. A strong CCR provides potential employers with a more comprehensive view of what SAIT students and grads can offer to their organizations.

Students who take advantage of the CCR program receive an industry-recognized certificate itemizing their co-curricular activities that they can submit to prospective employers. They will also be better prepared to talk about their skills and experiences in interviews, cover letters and resumes. 

Contact us to find out how the PAL Program can be recognized on your Co-Curricular Record.

Contact the PAL Program

Lamb Learner Success Centre
Room MC221, Stan Grad Centre

Peer Assistance and Leadership