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Continuing Education

Whether you’re looking to advance your career or develop new skills, our part-time, fast-track and online courses can help you grow. Through business, construction, technologies or any of our other industry-driven options, you’ll gain hands-on experience and know-how needed to make your mark.

Our classroom, online or blended delivery options provide you with the flexibility to learn where and when you choose. You can take courses individually, or as part of a certificate, diploma, degree or applied degree program. 

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SAIT Continuing Education offers professional certification through flexible on campus and distance learning training courses in business, management and technical programs.
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Continuing Education Programs and Courses

Name Available Offered Credential Status
Name Course Code Offered Term
Eddy Current Level I INSP 113 Classroom
Eddy Current Level I INSP 207 Classroom or Online
Eddy Current Level I Laboratory INSP 108 Classroom
Eddy Current Level I Practical Exam INSP 162 Classroom
Eddy Current Level I Theory INSP 109 Online
Eddy Current Level I Theory Exam INSP 160 Classroom
Eddy Current Level II INSP 137
Eddy Current Level II INSP xxx Classroom
Eddy Current Level II Laboratory INSP 136 Classroom
Eddy Current Level II Practical Exam INSP 166 Classroom
Eddy Current Level II Theory INSP 138 Online
Eddy Current Level II Theory Exam INSP 164 Classroom
Eddy Current Level III Theory Exam INSP 168 Classroom
Eddy Current Workshop INSP 188 Classroom
Effective Delegation MGMT 160 Classroom
Elbow, Wrist & Hand Ultrasound DMST 107 Classroom
Electrical Design - Level I DSGN 222 Classroom
Electrical Design - Level II DSGN 252 Classroom
Electrical Design Principles DSGN 301 Classroom
Electrical Diagrams and AutoCAD ENGD 226 Classroom
Electrical Engineering Basics ELEC 124 Classroom
Electrical Engineering Technology Peru Study Tour ELEC 147 Classroom or Online
Electrical Essentials ELEC 143 Classroom or Online
Electrical Fundamentals ELEC 133 Classroom
Electrical Fundamentals ELEC 146 Classroom
Electrical Machines ELEC 137 Classroom
Electrical Practices ELEC 266 Classroom
Electrical Principles ELEC 234 Classroom or Online
Electrical Principles ELCT 205 Classroom or Online
Electrical Theory I ELEC 200 Classroom
Electrical Theory II ELEC 250 Classroom
Electrical Theory III ELEC 303 Classroom
Electricity Market Fundamentals ELEC 134 Classroom
Electrocardiography - Level 1 ECGS 210 Classroom
Electrocardiography Theory Basic ECGS 200 Online
Electronic Basics-Canadian Fire Alarm Association ELTR 101 Classroom
Electronic Instrument Loops ELEC 151 Classroom
Electronic Medical Record HRSC 231 Classroom
Elements of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System SAFE 170 Classroom
Emergency First Aid and Heartsaver AED (Level C) CPR CPRS 230 Classroom or Online
Emergency Medical Responder EMRG 205 Classroom
Emergency Medical Responder Alberta College of Paramedics Review EMRG 203 Classroom
Emergency Response Planning SAFE 176 Classroom
Emotional Intelligence HREL 211 Classroom or Online
Employment Contracts ELAW 107 Classroom
Employment Standards Legislation ELAW 100 Classroom
Empowering Others LDSH 163 Classroom
Ending the Employment Relationship ELAW 108 Classroom
Energy Accounting ACCT 352 Classroom or Online
Energy Agreements EAMG 220 Classroom
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