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Whether you’re looking to advance your career or develop new skills, our part-time, fast-track and online courses can help you grow. Through business, construction, technologies or any of our other industry-driven options, you’ll gain hands-on experience and know-how needed to make your mark.

Our classroom, online or blended delivery options provide you with the flexibility to learn where and when you choose. You can take courses individually, or as part of a certificate, diploma, degree or applied degree program. 

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SAIT Continuing Education offers professional certification through flexible on campus and distance learning training courses in business, management and technical programs.
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Continuing Education Programs and Courses

Name Available Offered Credential Status
Name Course Code Offered Term
Delivery Techniques for Trainers LDSH 225 Classroom
Demolition CSTN 100
Demystifying Crude Oil Production and Pricing PTPR 120 Classroom
Demystifying Drilling DRLG 104 Classroom
Demystifying Gasoline Manufacturing and Production PTPR 121 Classroom
Demystifying Hydraulic Fracturing HDFR 102 Classroom
Dental Emergencies and Records DENT 207 Classroom
Dental Probing DENT 283 Classroom
Dental Probing DENT 104 Classroom
Design Thinking: A Mentored Focus on the Customer ENTR 001 Classroom
Design Web Tools for Libraries LIBR 320 Classroom or Online
Desktop and Device Management CMPS 436
Desserts BAKE 187 Classroom
Desserts and Confections Boot Camp BAKE 189 Classroom
DFS - Accounting I ACWE 407 Classroom
DFS - Accounting II ACWE 457 Classroom/Online Combinations
Digital & Electronic Circuits ELTR 232 Classroom or Online
Digital Drafting ENGD 102 Online
Digital Drafting 3D CADD 227 Classroom or Online
Digital Drafting Fundamentals CADD 219 Classroom or Online
Digital Marketing Analytics MKTG 118 Classroom or Online
Digital Marketing and Communications MKTG 190 Classroom
Digital Marketing and Social Media Capstone MKTG 119 Classroom or Online
Digital Paid Media MKTG 104 Classroom or Online
Digital Photography (Gr. 7-9) CAMP 116 Classroom
Digital Sound I AUDI 205 Classroom
Digital Sound II AUDI 225 Classroom
Directed Field Studies - Accounting I ACWE 500 Classroom
Directed Field Studies -Accounting II ACWE 501 Classroom
Distributed Control Systems I CNTR 115 Classroom
Distributed Control Systems II CNTR 120 Classroom
Distributed Control Systems III CNTR 125 Classroom
Diversity and Generational HREL 187 Classroom
Diversity in the Workplace HREL 208 Classroom
Doors and Related Hardware GLSS 124 Classroom
DramACTic Kids (Gr. 4-6) SCMP 102 Classroom
Drilling DRLG 412 Classroom or Online
Drilling and Completion EAMG 255 Classroom or Online
Drilling Overview DRLG 130 Classroom
Drilling Technology - Advanced DRLG 451 Classroom or Online
Drilling, Completion and Well Intervention DRLG 109 Classroom
Driver Training for Field Safe DRIV 110
Drywall Installation and Finishing CSTN 159 Classroom
Drywall Principles CSTN 102 Classroom
DSLR Video 1 VDEO 101 Classroom
DSLR Video 2 VDEO 102 Classroom
DSLR Video Production VDEO 107 Classroom
Dynamics DYNA 265 Classroom
EAM Capstone EAMG 360 Classroom or Online
Earth Science Explorers (Gr. 4-6) SCMP 138 Classroom
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