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Student creates model to help predict future oil and gas trends.

Bachelor of Applied Technology Geographic Information Systems


Credential: Applied Degree
Available: Continuing Education Online

Program Description

The Bachelor of Applied Technology Geographic Information Systems (BGIS) program will provide you with the skills and knowledge to succeed in one of the fastest growing sectors of information technology. Geographic Information System (GIS) combines the power of relational database management systems with the flexibility of cartographic display technology and is used for problem solving and decision making.

To succeed in the program, you will need to be comfortable working in a computer environment, and have a good working knowledge of file management, word processing and spreadsheet software applications.

To help you obtain problem solving knowledge and skills, the program combines one year of academic training with one year of work experience in the form of 800 practicum hours, offering an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills developed within the classroom.

The program accepts students into first semester in September and January.

Industry Practicum

Finding a practicum placement is ultimately the student's responsibility; the BGIS program does not place students with organizations. We'll make every effort to assist in securing and facilitating a meaningful placement, but students must be prepared to actively establish industry connections and secure their own practicum placement.

Please ensure you take the courses in the order they are listed in below.

Professional Communications COMM-415 Classroom or Online
Geospatial Project Foundations GEOS-406 Classroom or Online
GIS Data Capture I GEOS-409 Classroom or Online
GIS Data Manipulation and Transformation  GEOS-410 Classroom or Online
GIS Data Modeling GEOS-418 Classroom or Online
GIS Data Analysis and Output GEOS-419 Classroom or Online
GIS Data Capture II GEOS-451 Classroom or Online
Enterprise and Web Geographic Information Systems GEOS-450 Classroom or Online
Geographic Information Systems Programming GEOS-456 Classroom or Online
Cartography and Geovisualization GEOS-457 Classroom or Online
Applied GIS Capstone Project GEOS-459 Classroom or Online
Applied GIS Directed Field Studies GEOS-540 Workplace Practicum (800 hours)
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The associated certificate does not have any prerequisites and is offered through online education.

Take charge of your future.

  • Contact construction.bgis@sait.ca to discuss the BGIS program, admission requirements, and admission process.
  • Contact 403.284.8367 or construction.conted@sait.ca for information on individual course offerings or the Certificates listed below.
  • If you would like to take courses beyond the certificate, admission into the BGIS program is required.

Associated Certificate: