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Cooking Boot Camp - CKNG 178

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Course Description

You grew up cooking at home. You'd rather eat in than eat out. You've never had professional training, but you throw five-star dinner parties.

You are a serious home chef.

But, can you handle the heat of a professional kitchen?

Designed to challenge the best home chef, SAIT's Cooking Boot Camp is an intensive four-day culinary experience in our world-class commercial kitchens. Each day, you'll prepare a three-course lunch and dinner in our high-volume kitchens in addition to simple yet delicious chef desserts.

Think like a chef as you craft fine dining menu items, learn the art of professional plating, and carefully manage your time to serve your meals on a deadline. On the last day, you'll put your skills to the test as you create your own menu with mystery ingredients in an exciting black box challenge.

Our chef:

Work with and learn from SAIT's own Chef Michael Mandato - a New York native with culinary training from the Culinary Institute of America. Chef Mandato has worked as an executive chef in luxury hotels including Garden City Long Island, Taj Boston, Ritz-Carlton St. Louis and Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.

Credits: 0