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Student reviews home appraisal for client.

Residential Home Inspection Certificate of Achievement


Credential: Certificate (non-credit)
Available: Continuing Education Online

Canada-Alberta Job Grant This program is eligible for Canada-Alberta Job Grant funding.

Program Description

Launch a rewarding new career as a home inspector, bringing peace of mind to home buyers and sellers who depend on your impartial appraisal. The 10-course program* provides you with the technical skills and expertise needed to conduct visual examinations in nine specific building areas, and deliver written reports on the physical and operational condition of homes and housing units.

SAIT's courses fulfill major part of the academic requirements to obtain a license as a Home Inspector in the Province of Alberta. Please visit servicealberta.gov.ab.ca for more details.

Careers: Residential Home Inspector

Home Inspection - Communications/Professional Practice INSP-231 Online
Home Inspection - Air Conditioning/Heating INSP-217 Online
Home Inspection - Plumbing INSP-218 Online
Home Inspection - Exterior INSP-221 Online
Home Inspection - Electrical INSP-222 Online
Home Inspection - Structure INSP-223 Online
Home Inspection - Heating I INSP-227 Online
Home Inspection - Heating II INSP-228 Online
Home Inspection - Insulation/Interior INSP-229 Online
Home Inspection - Roofing INSP-230 Online

*Please take Home Inspection Communication and Professional Practice (INSP 231) first, as in this course you'll receive the Reference Binder needed to complete the certificate.