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Annual Giving

Each year our donors step up and provide critical support to our students.

Whether it's through student awards, educational projects (such as our crowdfunding campaigns) or comprehensive student support through our I.G. Lewis Student Emergency Fund, our donors change lives for the better.

Gifts to SAIT's Annual Giving program support many areas on campus including those listed below.

Student Awards

SAIT has a long and proud tradition of providing scholarships to students to recognize academic achievement and to reduce obstacles to student success. Over $5 million in student awards are given to students each year.

Investments made by individual alumni and friends, associations, businesses, foundations and other organizations have helped countless students who otherwise may not have been able to attend SAIT. Our student awards are funded on an annual basis as well as from professionally managed endowments.

If you wish to donate to an existing award, you can conveniently give online now. Select "Other" from the menu and enter the award's name in the text box next to "Tell us how to direct your gift."

If you would like to establish a student award at SAIT or would like more information about student awards, please contact either Brett.Windle@sait.ca at 403.284.8908 or Kathy.Bhana@sait.ca at 403.284.7089.

Memorial Awards

The Memorial Giving Program was established to accept financial contributions in memory of loved ones. Leaving a gift to SAIT in honour of a loved one is a way of remembering a special person in your life while supporting the next generation.

If you would like to donate to a memorial award or named scholarship, please click here to donate online.

For more information on creating a memorial award, please email Miranda.Diakiw@sait.ca or call 403.774.5214.

I.G. Lewis Student Emergency Fund

The I.G. Lewis Student Emergency Fund is an endowment that helps students through times of personal financial crisis. It addresses needs that occur because of an economic setback such as a family illness. SAIT faculty members work closely with students to help them through circumstances that threaten the successful completion of their academic program. The fund provides emergency one-time financial support when other means have been exhausted. It can make the difference between a student dropping out and graduating.

If you would like to contribute to the I.G. Lewis Student Emergency Fund, please click here to donate online.

For more information, please email Miranda.Diakiw@sait.ca or call 403.774.5214.

SAIT Opportunities Fund

The SAIT Opportunities Fund helps SAIT students every day by supporting programs and projects not covered by tuition or government. SAIT dedicates this fund to the enhancement of education and student life. Examples include: pilot projects that bring new technology to the classroom, peer support programs, academic clubs, and societies and other student activities. Your gift to the SAIT Opportunities Fund is the most important gift of all because it enables SAIT to use the funds where they are needed most, when they are needed most.

If you would like to donate to the SAIT Opportunities Fund, please click here to donate online.

For more information, please email Miranda.Diakiw@sait.ca or call 403.774.5214.

Student Crowdfunding

Have a direct impact on the incredible work our students are doing by supporting one of our student-led crowdfunding campaigns. Our Raise it Red crowdfunding site features current student projects that are looking for your support.

Student fundraising activities range from capstone projects, study abroad opportunities, conference or competition participation, or student club activities that have an academic impact. Some of the past crowdfunding projects include the Great Northern Concrete Togoggan team, the ISA International Student Games, Enactus Student Club National Competition and the SAE Baja Buggy team.

Your contributions to crowdfunding campaigns go towards costs not covered by traditional funding sources and often provide opportunities for students that they would not otherwise be able to afford.

Your support helps connect people to projects and unleashes innovation!

For more information on Raise it Red, please email email Miranda.Diakiw@sait.ca or call 403.774.5214.

Celebrating Student Success: 2015/16 Impact Report

In the 2015/16 fiscal year, donors contributed $12,104,000 to SAIT and student success.

SAIT students are proud to say thanks, share their stories and pay it forward.

View the 2015/16 Donor Impact Report >>