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International Document Assessment

Applicants who were educated outside of Canada require an international document assessment. SAIT works with World Education Services (WES) Canada to authenticate and assess foreign education.

SAIT will also recognize other document and credential assessments for admission. Find out which evaluations we will accept

Step 1: Apply to a SAIT program

Choose a program and submit an application

Step 2: Submit your anticipated final grades

To be considered for admission or selection while you wait for your assessment results, you must provide anticipated final grades for the program admission requirements.

Step 3: Apply for a WES evaluation

Visit WES Canada to apply for an International Credential Advantage Package (ICAP). WES guarantees results within one week, providing all of the necessary documentation is included. For assessment types and fees, refer to WES Canada.

To ensure a complete assessment, submit all levels of education to WES, including high school documents.

Once your WES evaluation has been completed, your ICAP package will be forwarded electronically to SAIT on your behalf. If you included high school documents, SAIT will assess the authenticated documents provided by WES to determine the equivalent Alberta high school subjects and grades.

Step 4: Meet SAIT's English proficiency requirement

If your primary language of instruction was not English, you will be required to submit a valid English language test score completed within the last 12 months.


Other evaluations and assessments accepted for admission to SAIT