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Digital Intelligence and Digital Citizenship

Immerse yourself in new worlds as you explore Augmented and Virtual Reality in this engaging workshop.

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From IQ to EQ, and now DQ. Explore the new form of intelligence that is foundational to Digital Citizenship, Digital Intelligence (DQ). Designed for students in Grades
7 – 10 this foundational 45-minute workshop will introduce students to the 8 core aspects of DQ and explore how digital is more than just technology. Students will collaborate, debate, and challenge their assumptions of what “digital” is and explore our individual roles in an ever-evolving digital society.

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ic-sadt-window-50x46.png Workshop objectives and outcomes

  • Awareness of Digital Intelligence and Digital Citizenship
  • Understanding the 8 core characteristics of Digital Intelligence
  • Recognize that “digital” is more than technology and can be found in all industries
  • Explore our role as digital citizens in a digital society

ic-sadt-thumbs-up-50x46.png Learning competencies

  • I can define “Digital Intelligence”
  • I can define “Digital Citizenship"
  • I am aware of the importance of “digital” in my own life and in all industries
  • I understand the 8 core characteristics of Digital Intelligence


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