Dual-Credit Information Technology Services & Software Development

Designed for: students in grade 11 or 12

Delivery: In-Person

Length: 1 semester per offering

Intake: Fall 2023 (Software Development) and Winter 2024 (IT Services)

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Get a jump start on an IT professional career with hands-on, action-based learning with our IT Services and Software development dual-credit offerings.

Dual-Credit students in IT Services take Introduction to Networks (CPNT-219) and Introduction to Hardware (CMPH-209). Learn about the essentials of networking, including terminology, devices, standards, and protocols, as well as the fundamentals of computer hardware, including installing and configuring desktops, servers and virtual operating systems, and using troubleshooting techniques to diagnose problems.

Dual-Credit students in Software Development take Object-Oriented Programming I (CPRG-216) and Web Development I (CPRG-213). Explore the concept of computer programming languages, including problem solving, design methodology, programming structures and problem solving, as well as the fundamentals of web development, including front end HTML, CSS ASP.NET Core and Javascript.

Is this the right fit for me?

This program is the right fit for students in Grade 11 or 12 who may have:

  • Coding experience, or have taken coding in Grades 9-12 – python and/or computer science course (Software)
  • Taken music classes as music is very close to coding (logic and timing) (Software)
  • A minimum of 60-70% in Math (Math 30-1 is a corequisite)
  • An interest in gaming and creative problem-solving skills (Hardware)
  • Students with problem-solving, critical-thinking skills, and higher communication skills would be a good fit for these courses.

Program length

  • Each offering takes place over one semester: either Fall (Sept. – Dec.) or Winter/Spring (Feb. – June).

Pathways to post-secondary

The skills learned in this program can be applied to a number of different post-secondary pathways, including:

Admission requirements

In order to be successful in this SAIT dual-credit offering, students should be in their grade 11 or 12 year of high school and need to be on track to successfully pass the following courses or equivalents with an overall average of at least 50%:

  • English Language Arts 30-1
  • Math 30-1 or Pure Math 30

Or, at least 60% in:

  • English Language Arts 30-2
  • Math 30-2 or Applied Math 30

There may be other pre-requisite or co-requisites required by the school board for admission into this dual-credit program. Check with your local school board for further information.

To qualify for graduation from SAIT, students must pass all courses, attain a CGPA of 2.0 or better and complete the course requirements within the prescribed timelines.

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How to apply

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IT Services courses (Winter/Spring 2023):

Course Code Course Name SAIT Credits High School Credits
CMPH-209 Introduction to Hardware 3.0 Up to 5.0
CMPH-219 Introduction to Networks 3.0 Up to 5.0

Web Development courses (Fall 2023):

Course Code Course Name SAIT Credits High School Credits
CPRG-216 Object Oriented Programming I 3.0 Up to 5.0
CPRG-213 Web-Development I 3.0 Up to 5.0


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