Information and Communications Technologies

Software Developer

Software Developers (also known as programmers) create, modify and test computer programs.

Key Skills IconKey skills

  • Can think logically and analyze computer problems
  • Concentrate for long periods of time
  • Patience and persistence
  • Attention to detail

Working Conditions IconWorking conditions

  • Office environment or at home
  • May work in shifts 
  • Overtime may be required to meet deadlines or debug critical programs

Is it a good fit? IconCareer potential*

  • Software Developer
  • Lead Applications Programmer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Project Manager

*May require additional education.

Related or similar careers

  • Computer Network Administrator
  • Information Systems Consultant
  • Web Technician
  • Interactive Media Programmer

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Average SAIT graduate employment rate (2017)*
*Information Technology - Software Development


Average salary (Alberta)*


Median SAIT graduate salary (2017)*
*Information Technology - Software Development

Information and Communications Technologies

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