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Before and during your visit

Through a series of hands-on career activities, your students and youth participants are going to increase their career awareness, develop an understanding of applied learning and determine how to identify how well a career connects with their current interests and preferences.

Use the information below to prepare your students or youth group.

Get ready for your visit

Step one: complete the required forms

Teachers or group leaders must ensure all forms are distributed, completed and submitted prior to their visit to the Career Exploration Centre.

School group parent letter and permission forms

Please ensure parents/guardians fully complete the appropriate form below as it is required for their child to participate in the Career Exploration Centre program.  Review each student's form to make sure it is complete and accurate.

Certain school boards are required to use a specific parent letter and permission form. Download the applicable form for your school district below: 

Community group waiver form

Community group participants are only required to download and submit the following form.

Community group waiver form

Complete your school district or organization's off-site destination forms

To assist you with completing the required forms or documentation for your school district or organization, we have compiled the following information you may need on Career Exploration Centre program activities, safety and risks, curricular links and contact information.

While participating in the Career Exploration Centre program, participants will engage in the following activities:

  • An interactive presentation. Participants will listen to a presentation and explore objects in different areas of the Career Exploration Centre. They will become familiarized with the space, agenda and their roles and responsibilities. 
  • Various simulated career activities. Participants will select up to three careers to explore from over 30 available activities. They will work through the activity individually or in pairs. Activities are similar to those experienced in junior high, including, but not limited to, activities related to Career and Technology Studies/Foundations, English Language Arts, Math, Science and options courses. 
  • Written reflections. Participants are required to complete a written reflection sheet after each career activity to assist them in self-discovery and linking their interests to careers.

To ensure participant safety on SAIT campus:

  • A Career Exploration Centre representative will:
    • greet the participants at the Career Exploration Centre on the third floor of the Johnson-Cobbe Energy Centre, room KA306
    • provide orientation at the beginning of the session which will address behaviour expectations and safety information.
  • At least one teacher or group leader must be present with the students at all times.
  • The Career Exploration Centre room(s) will be locked during the day in order to keep belongings secure. 

To minimize any risk associated with the activities:

  • Career Exploration Centre staff will be present during the session at all times with the exception of lunch and breaks.
  • SAIT requires the teacher or group leader (as required by the school board or organization) are also present and engaged throughout the day.

The Career Exploration Centre program strongly aligns with the following programs of study:

All career activities combine core school subjects with at least one competency found in Alberta Education's Competencies: Descriptions, Indicators and Examples document.

Specific objectives met by each career are particular to the activity. Most careers in Career Exploration Centre involve math and many involve applied science. Additionally, participants may use tablets or desktop computers during the program.

Career Exploration Centre
Phone: 403.774.5243

Program location: third floor of the Johnson-Cobbe Energy Centre, room KA306, SAIT Main Campus.

Career Exploration Centre main office
MB026, Stan Grad Centre
SAIT Main Campus
1301 - 16 Avenue NW
Calgary, Alberta T2M 0L4

Calgary Board of Education teachers

SAIT has a master agreement with the CBE for the Career Exploration Centre program.

There is a partially completed template on the CBE's Insight system for your convenience. Visit the CBE's website and navigate to Insight > Locate system tools > School admin tools > Off-site activities to access this template.

Step two: Understand your particular roles and responsibilities in Career Exploration Centre

During your visit, teachers and group leaders are expected to be engaged and perform certain tasks to support students, volunteers and program facilitators. 

For a full list of all roles and responsibilities at Career Exploration Centre, download the roles and responsibilities document.

Career Exploration Centre roles and responsibilities

Step three: Complete the career interests activity

There are more than 30 different careers to explore —  each participant will need to choose three to focus on during their visit. 

Participants need to bring their completed worksheet along with standard jack headphones the day of your program. 

Print career interests worksheet

The day of your program

Getting to the Career Exploration Centre

Drop-off and pick-up on SAIT campus will be in the west loop roundabout off 14 street NW, east on General Motors Drive onto Boyce Crescent. See the SAIT campus map for directions. 

You will bring your class or group to the Career Exploration Centre facility,  located in room KA306 on the third floor of the Johnson-Cobbe Energy Centre, adjacent to the drop-off area. 

What to bring

While the majority of learning materials will be provided, participants should bring a pencil or pen and headphones or earbuds (standard jack, not USB). For hygienic reasons, the SAIT is unable to provide headphones.

Lunch is not provided, so participants should bring their own prepared lunch and a refillable water bottle as there is only a half-hour break during the program. 

Valuable items should be left at home. SAIT is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal items. Participants will not be permitted to use their phones or personal digital devices during the program. Additionally, all dangerous objects, including weapons are not permitted on SAIT campus.

Additional information for your visit

In the event that a school or organization needs to get in touch with a teacher, group leader or participant while they are at SAIT, the school or organization can contact the Career Exploration Centre at 403.774.5243 or

Photos of participants engaging in Career Exploration Centre activities are permitted only if your school board or organization policy permits it and parents have provided your board/organization with audiovisual consent.

Teachers or group leaders are not permitted to take recordings of activity materials.

For privacy reasons, participants may not take photos and video while participating in the session. 

Risks associated with participation in a session are minimal. Student activities are similar to those experienced in regular junior high classes, including, but not limited to, science, physical education and options and complementary courses. SAIT is a COR certified institution.

Career Exploration Centre office