SAIT Summer Camps follows a two-step enrollment process. Both of these steps must be completed in order for your child to be fully enrolled in camp.

How to Register

Follow the process below to register your child or children for our summer camps. Both registration and the waiver form must be completed for your child to be fully enrolled in a camp or program. 

When registering your child for a summer camp: 

  • Use your child's name. If you have more than one child, each will need their own SAIT ID.
  • You may register for multiple camps and lunch programs at the same time.
  • Choose one method below to register and pay.
  • Late registrations will not be accepted.

Registration Changes

We are aware of the challenges with registration and higher than normal call volumes.

We appreciate your patience during this time of change. Please review our online process below.

Online registration

Already have a SAIT ID?

You need a SAIT ID number to register. Log in to mySAIT to register now.

Forgot your password? Visit us in-person at our ITS Helpdesk in MB027 – Stan Grad Building, or by phone 403.210.4357. 
Is your child new to SAIT?

You need a SAIT ID number to register your child — get a SAIT ID.

If you have more than one child, each child will need to have their own unique SAIT ID.

Not sure if your child already has a SAIT ID?

If your child or children have ever taken a summer camp, you may already have a SAIT ID. Please note, you cannot create multiple SAIT IDs and it will delay your registration if multiple IDs are created for the same person. We can help you recover your SAIT ID number so you can proceed with your registration.

Contact the Office of the Registrar >

Step-by-step registration instructions

To register in children and youth programs and summer camps complete the steps listed below.

Once you have your child's or children's SAIT ID, you can register . You’ll be using mySAIT for registration. If you have more than one child, you will have to complete the registration process for each child.

  1. Choose register for classes
  2. Log in with your child's SAIT ID.
  3. Select the non-credit term.
  4. Find your camp and add it to your summary. If you’d like to register your child for multiple camps and lunch program, add them to your summary now.
  5. Choose submit in the summary.
  6. Go to account summary and pay now to review your account balance.
  7. Choose pay now.
  8. On the landing screen, choose make payment, and advance to the account payment
  9. Choose to pay the current account balance and
  10. Verify your payment amount and choose OK.
  11. Choose your method of payment — Visa or MasterCard.
  12. Enter your credit card number and choose continue.
  13. Enter your account information and choose continue.
  14. Review your confirmation details and choose submit payment.

You will receive a confirmation of payment via email. You can find your complete payment history in your account summary on mySAIT. 

Registering by phone or in-person

You can sign up for a program by calling or visiting the Office of the Registrar. Please have the program name, start date and course code ready.

Methods of payment accepted in-person include debit card, money order, cheque, cash, Visa or MasterCard or sponsorship letter. Over-the-phone payment must be made by Visa or MasterCard

Office of the Registrar 403.284.7248 | (toll-free) 1.877.284.7248 | press option 2, then option 3

Heritage Hall, AA211 (second floor)
1301 16 Ave. NW, Calgary, AB

Complete the waiver form

You must complete and submit the Child Information and Waiver (CIW) form prior to the first day of camp or program. Your child will not be allowed to participate in camp unless this form is complete.

Completed forms can be submitted online.

SAIT Summer Camps policies and procedures

Please review and agree to SAIT Summer Camps policies and procedures.

Want to purchase extra* SAIT Summer Camps shirts for your children? They’re available at the SAIT Bookstore.

*One Summer Camp shirt is provided to each child on their first day of camp. Campers are required to wear their t-shirt for the duration of the camp.

Registration FAQ

What name should I use when registering and paying for my child?

When registering for a camp, you need to use your child's name. Your child will be given a SAIT ID number that they can use if they enrol in a SAIT program after graduating high school. This number stays with them for life.

How can I check the availability of a camp?

The availability of each camp will be stated beside the corresponding week on each camp program page — either open, waitlisted or full. We strive to keep these as up-to-date as possible.

What grade should I enter on the form?

Grade refers to the grade your child will be entering at the beginning of the upcoming fall school year. For our 2019 camps, your child should be enrolled in a camp based on the grade he/she is going into this September.

Are there camps for children in grades 1 - 3?

At this time, SAIT offers Summer Camps from grades 1 - 12.

Can children still attend camps if they are graduating from grade 12?

Yes, our camps are designed to give youth a chance to explore a potential career field before applying to post-secondary. Youth entering grades 11, 12 or post-secondary may also want to help assist with our grades 1-6 camps by volunteering for our summer camps.

Are SAIT Summer Camps open on holidays?

No, we are closed on statutory holidays. During the shortened week, our camps and lunch program are offered at reduced prices.

Forgotten or misplaced child's ID/pin number

All campers receive a SAIT student ID number. This stays with them for life and it will come in handy if they want to enrol in another camp or eventually attend SAIT. Your child will have a SAIT student ID number if they have ever attended a SAIT camp.

You can retrieve your child's ID/pin number by looking for it on the receipt for SAIT Summer Camps issued by SAIT or you can call the Office of the Registrar at 403.284.7248.

How do I reset my password

If you have issues logging into mySAIT or have forgotten the password, you can email the Helpline at or phone 403.210.4357 (HELP). 

What level should I register my child in, if they've previously attended a culinary camp at SAIT?

If your child has previously taken a culinary camp with SAIT Summer Camps, we suggest they start in the intermediate class.

When do I get the receipt for the camp my child is enrolled in?

An official receipt will be mailed or emailed to you only if you request it through the Office of the Registrar at 403.284.7248 | 1.877.284.7248

Do you issue tax receipts?

Unfortunately, the Federal Government has ended the Child Fitness and Arts Tax credit effective in 2017. Families are no longer eligible to claim summer camps on their taxes. Families requesting receipts for years prior to 2017 may still contact

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