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Mentoring is a supportive relationship where a subject expert –the mentor shares knowledge, skills and experience that would be beneficial to a novice –the mentee. This is a mutually beneficial opportunity for both parties, as it allows mentors to solidify their knowledge into practice and mentees the chance to gain valuable information that will guide their future careers. Mentoring differs from tutoring, as it is strictly on a volunteer basis and the focus is on discovering life skills as opposed to a specific curriculum. SAIT is proud to offer two mentorship opportunities for students, the Peer Mentorship Program and online mentoring on the Expert Knowledge Networks platform. 

Peer mentorship program

The Peer Mentorship Program matches senior student mentors with first-year mentees in a structured relationship based on their program of study, common interests or a combination. Mentors provide guidance and support for a variety of non-academic issues as their mentees transition into post-secondary life.

Mentees and mentors are matched for the full academic year or for a single semester. Mentors may be matched to one or more mentees. Mentorship pairs/groups can choose to meet face-to-face, one-on-one or in small groups, or to chat over email or text message. 

Students must be in touch every week — meeting for about an hour for face-to-face mentoring or participating in one or more text conversations.

Note: Mentoring is not the same as counselling or tutoring. If you are in need of these services, please contact Student Development and Counselling or Tutoring Services

Get a peer mentor

Gain confidence and insight to help you navigate campus life at SAIT throughout your first year.

Sign up for a peer mentor to:

  • meet new people and expand your community
  • improve your communication, critical thinking and collaboration skills
  • learn about resources and services on campus
  • develop networking, professional and relationship-building skills
  • gain credit for your co-curricular record
  • start your life-long mentorship journey.

Get a peer mentor

Did you know?

Studies show having a mentor improves GPA, course completion and increases confidence, motivation and self-belief.

Be a peer mentor

Boost your leadership skills and help a new student adjust to life on campus. Support student success by referring your mentee to useful resources, encouraging them to get involved and providing guidance on how to succeed at SAIT.

Do you have the ability to influence? Are you enjoying SAIT and doing well academically (min. GPA 3.0)? Are you empathetic toward the ideas and experiences of others?

Sign up to be a peer mentor: 

  • enhance your self-awareness through positive role modelling
  • put your engaging communication techniques and critical-thinking abilities into practice
  • build relationships along with your interpersonal skills
  • contribute to a great campus culture
  • improve your career profile and gain credit for your co-curricular record.

Training and support will be provided. 

Note: Mentors are not tutors — they are not expected to assist mentees with coursework.

Be a peer mentor

Did you know?

Studies show being a mentor increases academic performance, self-understanding, communication and personal growth.

Contact the peer mentorship program

If you're interested in getting involved or have questions, email mentorship@sait.ca

Online mentoring program

Expert Knowledge Networks is an online, user-friendly platform that connects students with subject matter experts within their industry.

Mentoring is made simple with the integration of:        

  • audio       
  • video         
  • scheduling assistance     
  • group functions

SAIT is using Expert Knowledge Networks to help facilitate online mentoring relationships between students and industry experts.

Are you an expert in your field?

We're looking for alumni, journeypersons and industry leaders to share their wealth of knowledge with our students. Mentoring students can help you remain relevant in current industry trends, develop both leadership and management skills, and is a positive addition to any resume. Accepting mentor relations depends on your level of comfort and time capacity. As a mentor, you have the freedom to set your own time commitments, goals, and expectations of your mentoring undertaking.

Mentor steps:

    1. Fill out the mentor form below.
    2. You will be sent an email to create a user profile on Expert Knowledge Networks*.
    3. Set your availability within the calendar system.
    4. We will help facilitate mentor relationships that fit your availability.

Be an online mentor

*Expert Knowledge Networks is free for SAIT mentors and mentees. Currently, we have a capacity of 500 members for the year.

** The privacy of your personal information is very important to SAIT. Your submitted information will strictly be used for the purpose of matching you with students through the online mentoring program and will not leave SAIT.  

Get an online mentor

Are you a student looking for some career guidance in your field of study? Industry mentors can help provide insight on your career development, networking and academic performance.

Open to full-time, trades and pre-employment students, our online mentoring program facilitates mentoring relationships by using technology to ease the inconvenience of in-person meetings.

Mentee steps:

  1. Contact Jordan Persson at Jordan.Persson@sait.ca or 403.774.4734.
  2. The team will facilitate a mentor match within your industry, if applicable. You will be notified if there is an available mentor or not.
  3. If you are successfully matched with a mentor, you will create a user profile with Expert Knowledge Networks to manage your mentor meetings.

*Expert Knowledge Networks is free for SAIT mentors and mentees. Currently, we have a capacity of 500 members for the year.

** The privacy of your personal information is very important to SAIT. Your information will strictly be used for the purpose of matching you with industry mentors through the online mentoring program and will not leave SAIT.


Contact the online mentoring program

Jordan Persson Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) Instructor



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