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Applied Research for Students

Applied Research and Innovation Services began at SAIT in 2003. Today, we are a top research college in Canada, which stems from our recognition of the important role post-secondary institutions play in applying their expertise and facilities to solve industry challenges.

Students are a pivotal part of this relationship, applying their learning in real-time, to real-world industry projects while they study at SAIT.

How we work

At ARIS we involved students in real-world industry research projects through practicum placements, capstone projects and as student research assistants. Students use their knowledge and skills to collaborate with ARIS researchers and industry partners, contributing their own innovative ideas to the technology-development challenges organizations are here to address. 

This gives student researchers a leg up in the job market after graduation and provides them with work experience that sets them apart.

Innovative student projects fund

  1. Select a project that addresses a real-world problem, challenge or need
  2. Choose an industry project sponsor as a partner and mentor
  3. Complete your application for ISPF funding
    1. Have a realistic plan
    2. Clearly explain the innovation involved in your solution
    3. Have a clear, realistic breakdown of the costs
    4. Avoid jargon and explain key terms
  4. Make a three-minute presentation to the ISPF review panel
    1. A clear description of your project
    2. A concise overview of the innovation
    3. A justification of why you need the funding
  5. Get approved for funding — it is on a reimbursement basis so you must keep and submit all receipts
  6. Complete your project
    1. Complete the project outcomes report
    2. Complete the expense claim and submit receipts to get reimbursed

Contact the student initiatives coordinator

Timothy Huynh

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