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Printing Services

Students are required to pay for printing on campus. Printers are available for student use in classrooms, the Library and print stations in NH109 and C200.

The cost of printing is $0.10/page (black and white) and $0.25/page (colour).To pay for printing students must load credit on their eCards (SAIT student ID cards). Students with insuffient funds will not be able to print on campus.

Loading your eCard 

  • Visit the Card Office in the SAIT Bookstore
  • Visit the Phil Station across from the SAIT Bookstore 
  • Online at SAIT eAccounts
  • Download the Blackboard Transact Mobile eAccounts app (iTunes or Google Play

Troubleshooting and printing support 

  • Printing requests using empty eCards do not activate a message or notification for the student - the printer will simply not print. The first step in troubleshooting an unresponsive printer should always be to check the eCard balance.
  • Direct all concerns or issues regarding the eCard system (the mobile app, online systems, loading funds) to the eCard office in the Bookstore.
  • For physical printer issues (jams, paper, toner or device service requests) contact the Helpline.


XDocs is on campus for all your printing needs, including printing, binding, posters, etc. XDocs, G112, E.H. Crandell Building

Printing Tips

For general instructions on how to connect to a SAIT printer, please refer to Connecting to a SAIT printer. The Setting a Default Printer on a Windows Computer guide provides step by step instructions on how to configure a default printer. 

School of Construction Staff Only - Aldred Printer Setup and Guide provides instructions for staff members on how to connect to printers located in the 4th floor and Mezzanine area of the Aldred building.

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