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Student Tax Receipts

The T2202A (Tuition, Education & Textbooks Amount Certificate) is a tuition and education tax credit certificate issued by a post-secondary institution to certify a student's eligibility for tuition, education and textbook amounts.


T2202A forms are issued to students who are over 16 years of age before the end of the taxation year. Students who were less than 16 years of age before the end of the taxation year (January to December) and who took courses at the post-secondary level can obtain their T2202A by emailing tax.questions@sait.ca.

To be eligible for the tuition tax credit, you must have total eligible tuition fees exceeding $100 in a taxation year. Students must be enrolled in a course of studies considered post-secondary level education, or a course of studies that allows the student to obtain or improve skills in an occupation in order to be eligible for a T2202A.

I took Academic Upgrading or English Language Foundations. Am I eligible for a T2202A form? 
No, Academic Upgrading is not eligible as these high school level courses prepare the student for future program enrollment,
not provide or obtain skills in an occupation. Effective the 2017 tax year, English Language Foundations will be eligible.
My T2202A form does not match the amount that I paid to SAIT.
The T2202A form only reflects the eligible fees for courses occurring within a tax year. Not all fees that are paid are eligible fees. The T2202A only covers terms of studies that occur during the tax year in which you attended training or classes, not when you paid for the tuition. For example, if you paid for your courses in 2018 but they didn't start until 2019, you will claim the amount on your 2019 taxes.
What fees are considered eligible fees and included in my T2202A tuition amount?
Academic fees, admission fees, charges for the use of library or laboratory facilities, examination fees, application fees (but only if the student later enrols in the institution), charges for a certificate, diploma, or degree, mandatory computer service fees, only books that are included in the total fees for a correspondence course and athletic and health services fees.
What fees are not eligible and not included in my T2202A tuition amount?
Student Association fees, medical expenses, transportation and parking, meals and lodging, costs of goods of lasting value that you will keep (for example uniforms), professional association fees, cost of books not included in correspondence course fees, UPass charges, upgrading and leisure class fees.
How do I calculate my education and textbook credits?
These credits are calculated based on the number of full or part-time months from your T2202A. For full details refer to Income Tax folio S1-F2-C1 on the CRA website www.cra-arc.gc.ca.
How are the months calculated for my T2202A? 

Full-time eligibility: to be eligible for a full-time month, the student must attend a minimum of 10 hours per week for three consecutive weeks.

Part-time eligibility: the student must attend at least three consecutive weeks to equal a minimum of 12 hours in a month.

Classes at SAIT are scheduled to run until 10 minutes to the hour. This affects your full or part-time month eligibility. For example, a class scheduled form from 1 pm until 2:50 pm qualifies for 2.83 hours on the month calculation for the T2202A.

My child attended a sports or summer camp at SAIT last summer. Will I be able to get a T2202A form?

Sport and summer camps do not qualify as tuition so a T2202A form is not produced.

Effective the 2017 tax year, the Child Fitness Tax credit has been eliminated.

For tax years prior to 2017, a receipt for the Children's Fitness Tax receipt can be obtained contacting SAIT's Finance Department
by emailing: tax.questions@sait.ca. Please be sure to include your child's full name and date of birth in your email.

Getting your T2202A

The T2202A form is available through your mySAIT.ca account. To print a copy:

  1. Select the myStudent tab.
  2. Select Student Tax Receipts (T2202A), located in the financial information section.
  3. On the Canadian Tax forms, select T2202A Tax Credit Form.
  4. On the Tax Credit Data form, there are two options. You can either view the data or print the official copy of the T2202A. Select the desired tax year from the drop-down menu. Please note, the view data option is not the official T2202A form for tax purposes. 
    • Select the printable T2202A form (PDF) option and select submit.
    • A page will open with the text "the PDF will open in a new window." 
    • A new window will open with the PDF version of your T2202A.
    • Print the T2202A form. 

When printing, ensure pop-up blockers are turned-off before proceeding. Please be aware that due to firewall issues, your PDF may not appear if you are trying to print from a laptop or company/work computer. Please try accessing from a home desktop or mobile device.

I need a copy of my T2202A from a prior tax year. How do I obtain it?

T2202A forms from 2003 to the present year are available on mySAIT.ca.

I don't have access to a printer. Can SAIT print my T2202A form for me?

 Printed copies can be requested in person from MC201 in the Stan Grad Centre. There is a charge of $15 per copy.

Can my T2202A form be faxed, mailed or emailed to me?

No, your T2202A form is only available for printing through mySAIT.ca.

What does it mean when I see the message "There is no T2202A information for you to view"?

This error message means there is no eligible tuition credit for you in the tax year you have selected. Press the back button on your browser to return to the previous page and select a different tax year.

What does it mean when I see the message "The system is unavailable. Please contact your institution"?

This error message means there is no T2202A information available for you currently. This may happen when the T2202A information has not been released to students. Please login to the system when the T2202A information is released on Feb. 15. 

Can I print my T2202A form more than once? 

Yes. After the first time you print the form, all copies will say "duplicate" on them. This form is still considered an official copy by the CRA.

I printed my T2202A from mySAIT but my address is incorrect. Do I need a new form?

No. You can still use your T2202A form if the address is incorrect, but you should contact the Office of the Registrar at 403.284.7248 to have your address updated for future correspondence.

When I select the printable T2202A form (PDF) button, a pop-up window displays an error message.

If you are trying to print from a public or company computer, this means they have a firewall in place preventing the PDF from appearing. Please try printing from a home or SAIT library computer.

When I select the PDF option, the pop-up window prompts me for a password. 

This is a known issue with Firefox and Safari on Apple computers. To fix this there are two options:

  • Download and install Adobe Reader. Once you have installed Reader, close your browser completely, then log back into mySAIT.ca.Once you have done this, the PDF will load without the password prompt.
  • Download and install Google Chrome as your web browser. The PDF functionality has been fully tested in Google Chrome for Mac and PC.
When I select the PDF option, my T2202A form does not appear. 

When the PDF option is selected, the PDF T2202A form opens in a pop-up window. Please disable any pop-up blockers in order to access the form.


If you have additional questions about your T2202A form or the tuition amount reflected, contact SAIT's Finance department at tax.questions@sait.ca.

For questions related to completing your income tax return, refer to the CRA website or call 1.800.959.8281.

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