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New and Notable

Our July/August New and Notable Resource List features e-Resources that will inspire, motivate, and help you to enjoy the rest of the summer after a challenging year of COVID-19 restrictions.

Serial Griller: Grillmaster Secrets for Flame-cooked Perfection book cover

Serial Griller: Grillmaster Secrets for Flame-cooked Perfection (2020)

Author: Matt Moore

Have a thrill for the grill? This book starts with the basics such as grilling tips, lighting and controlling the fire, the process of browning food with its unique appearance, smell and introduces a grilling method called the Maillard Reaction. Find out how to select the right grill and hear genuine stories from some of the best grill masters in America. The author, Matt Moore, a super star griller, shares his delicious recipes for everything flame-cooked from starters, salads, handhelds, entrees to finally, desserts. Readers will enjoy these stories and recipes when they get their grill on!

Renewal: How Nature Awakens Our Creativity, Compassion, and Joy book cover

Renewal: How Nature Awakens Our Creativity, Compassion, and Joy  (2019)

Author: Andres R. Edwards

More than ever, emotional connection is imperative to nourish and heal our souls. This book looks at the scientific benefits of nature for one’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual being. It covers ground-breaking cognitive science research, includes personal stories which further reinforce the value of empathy. It explains how harmonizing with flora and fauna and developing environmental approaches, focusing on the benefits of nature’s gift to life, and highlighting the advances in design by copying nature through biomimicry is beneficial to everyone.

Popular Day Hikes: Kananaskis County book cover

Popular Day Hikes: Kananaskis County (2019)

Author: Gillean Daffern

This newly revised edition includes beautiful and factual guides with detailed maps and colour photographs to whet the appetite of anyone interested in exploring Alberta’s Kananaskis Country.  It covers 35 popular day hikes in the mountainous recreation area west of Calgary and offers a wide range of choices, from easy, short day walks to ridgewalks—with a pitch or two of easy scrambling. There is something here for everyone.

Selfies: Why we love (and hate) them book cover

Selfies: Why we love (and hate) them (2018)

Author: Katrin Tiidenberg

Selfies have become a mainstay  way of displaying ourselves on our social media and they continue to be frequently and enthusiastically discussed. What is it about taking pictures of our own faces? This book critically explores the selfie culture by uncovering their meanings, shares the many ways that a selfie expresses how we think, feel, perform, and interact. It looks at our feelings towards selfies and questions their influence on how they make us feel.  Also, it reveals selfie habits and how these patterns have transformed us and possibly will shift in the future. Readers will gain a perspective on the communal, artistic, and digital background of the selfies, its significances and our fascination with them.

The Practical Workshop: A Woodworker’s Guide to Workbenches, Layout and Tools book cover

The Practical Workshop: A Woodworker’s Guide to Workbenches, Layout and Tools (2017)

Author: Christopher Schwartz

Having a useful and accessible work area for woodworking is key in getting the most out of this hobby. This handbook shares everything about workbenches, machinery and furniture, and tool accessibility and storage to turn your space into a desired hobby shop. It all starts with a central workbench and even provides a collection of bench design plans and suggestions to make the space your own. Readers will learn how to build a simple tool box and sawhorses as well receive valuable tips on machinery placement and guidelines for creating furniture and fixtures. Creating a well-organized, efficient space with everything that you need will be the impetus to help you construct “One of a Kind” wood crafts.

Here is a short list of other general interest resources that you might be interested in as well:

Small Happiness and Other Epiphanies book cover

Small Happiness and Other Epiphanies (2020)

Author: Sparrow

An improv comedian, musician, and poet, Sparrow captures his celebrative sometime outrageous thoughts on how to recognize happiness whether small or significant and underlines it is an essential ingredient to enjoying one’s self during these turbulent times. It is a small yet mighty book that guides us to identify everything in one’s world. Start small by reading a sentence; find, read, and ponder a topic or read of the whole darn book. Happiness and epiphanies can be found in this life guide. Readers are taken on a journey of life’s little gifts through Sparrow’s humour with the understanding of a sage.

I bought a print copy during the pandemic as a “go-to” reference for happiness. Reading a little gem from Sparrow reminded me how I could not play the recorder and failed twice in elementary school. Being a music lover and having a desire to learn to play a musical instrument, I have decided to buy a lap-sized harp lyre made in Montreal.” ~ Danica (SAIT Library)

Teaching By Heart: One Professor’s Journey to Inspire book cover

Teaching By Heart: One Professor’s Journey to Inspire (2019)

Author: Thomas J. DeLong

This book delves into the heart and soul of teaching. The author stresses that a teacher has the ability to inspire students as well as disappoint. Delong, believes if one teaches with heart, they lead with the heart as well. He surmises that the great teachers are great leaders and vice versa. He shows teachers how to examine the practice of building a curriculum, planning an hour-long class, overseeing the 15 minutes prior to class and evaluating the instruction experience after the class ends. It focuses on the importance of compassion and trueness in teaching and leading so instructors and managers will discover how to design an atmosphere to help their students to transform.

From Bear Rock Mountain: The Life and Times of a Dene Residential School Survivor book covers

From Bear Rock Mountain: The Life and Times of a Dene Residential School Survivor (2019)

Author: Antoine Mountain

A Dene residential school survivor, Antoine Mountain draws one into his extraordinary story from Canadian government-sponsored religious schools to an art college in Italy and along a winding road to an incredible recovery. He was taken away at age of seven from his family on Bear Rock Mountain, N.W.T. to a Roman Catholic school far away in the mid-1950s. In three schools over next twelve years, he was affected by the school system’s dogmatic treatment of residential students which ultimately evolved in losing his mother tongue and culture. His healing began with learning about the reality of colonization and realizing its result of cultural destruction.

Suggestions from students, faculty, and staff for the purchase of new materials are always welcome too.

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