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New and Notable

Our New and Notable eBook Resource List for October features e-Resources which focus on many different aspects of engineering.

Fundamentals and Applications of Renewable Energy book cover

Fundamentals and Applications of Renewable Energy (2020)

Authors: Mehmet Kanoglu, Yunus A. Cengel and John M. Cimbala

Readers will learn the theories and uses of today's renewable energy sources and systems in this textbook. This relevant and reliable source covers all major energy sources and systems and delves into solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, tidal, and wave, as well as hydropower and hydrogen and fuel cells. There are many complete example problems and review questions to help you understand main concepts, formulations, design, and analysis.

Exploring Arduino: Tools and Techniques for Engineering Wizardry book cover

Exploring Arduino: Tools and Techniques for Engineering Wizardry  (2019)

Author: Jeremy Blum

This novice guide makes electrical engineering and embedded software manageable. Readers will be happy with the coverage of electrical engineering, programming, and human-computer interaction through a progression of multifaceted projects. Stay current with the Arduino tool by learning about its hardware, software and resources for Build projects that interface wirelessly with other devices.

Electrical Machine Drives: Fundamental Basic and Practice book cover

Electrical Machine Drives: Fundamental Basic and Practice (2019)

Author: Claiton M. Franchi

This book targets the fundamentals of electrical motors in a practical approach. It focuses on the electrical concepts and readers will value the applied information needed to understand and work with induction motors. It explains concepts and provides definitions related to single-phase electric motors from the description of their operating principle, electrical and constructive charac­teristics and wiring.

Fundamentals of Building Construction book cover

Fundamentals of Building Construction: Materials and Methods (2019)

Authors: Edward Allen and Joseph Iano

This book is a sought-after reference on building construction. Readers will like the easy-to-learn content so they can acquire a working knowledge in all areas of construction.  All major construction systems, including light wood frame, mass timber, masonry, steel frame, light gauge steel, and reinforced concrete construction, are shared.  The extensively revised edition includes building science, environmental and health issues of building materials. It covers the latest in project delivery, scheduling, information technology affecting design as well as LEED.

Practical Wastewater Treatment book cover

Practical Wastewater Treatment (2019)

Author: David L. Russell.

This guide provides information on handling industrial wastes and designing a wastewater treatment plant. Students and instructors in chemical laboratory and Water/Waste management programs will appreciate the practical content on the theory, practices, management, techniques, concerns and solutions of industrial water & wastewater. It presents comprehensive information on the effective design of water and wastewater treatment facilities and covers material on how to handle a wide range of industrial wastes.

101 Case Studies on Construction Management book cover

101 Case Studies on Construction Management (2018)

Author: Len Holm

This book provides 101 real-world construction management case studies.  Readers will appreciate that the cases are in the straightforward language and ideal for use in the classroom.  Studies from actual jobsites comprise of all levels of construction management such as cover contracts organization, scheduling, procurement, subcontractors & suppliers, communications, estimating, quality and cost control, change orders, claims and disputes, safety, and close-outs.  The book also, contains current topics which include sustainability, lean management and BIM.  

Power System Fundamentals book cover

Power System Fundamentals (2018)

Author: Pedro Ponce

Readers with an interest in power or electrical engineering will learn the fundamentals of power systems and focus on outlining the electrical concepts of smart grids. The book outlines the importance of how these grids generate, distribute, and consume energy. This resource will help you to understand the basics and advanced theories of smart grids.

Automatic Control Systems book cover

Automatic Control Systems (2017)

Authors: M.F. Golnaraghi and Benjamin C. Kuo

This well-established resource offers complete coverage on the fundamentals of automatic control systems. Readers working with or learning about the systems will gain a better understanding of the Control Lab and the software of LEGO MINDSTORMS® and MATLAB/SIMLab. Enhanced with more experiments and solved examples, this edition provides readers with tools to hone their problem-solving skills at a chosen pace.

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Here are some other recent additions you may be interested in:

Geeky Pedagogy: A Guide for Intellectuals, Introverts, and Nerds Who Want to be Effective Teachers book cover

Geeky Pedagogy: A Guide for Intellectuals, Introverts, and Nerds Who Want to be Effective Teachers  (2019)

Author: Jessamyn Neuhaus

Geared toward college instructors, this entertaining and evidence-based guide inspires faculty to accept their inner nerd through reflective discussion about the fluctuations of instructing and learning in higher education. If enhancing one’s pedagogical knowledge is important, this book will assist in transforming scholarly proficiency into real student learning.

Rituals for Work book cover

Working from Home: Making the New Normal Work for You (2020)

Author: Karen Mangia

Working alone can make collaborating with your team members challenging.  How do I stand-out when working remotely so I can obtain the information needed for current projects and new opportunities?  Read this book to learn how to make the most of working at home both alone and with your team.

Schaum’s Outline of College Algebra book cover

Schaum’s Outline of College Algebra (2019)

Authors: Robert E. Moyer and Murray A. Spiegel

This trusted, easy-to-follow resource presents the fundamentals to intermediate algebra concepts through many solved problems, examples and practice exercises. It also has new chapters on solving advanced equations and introducing algebra for calculus. Schaum’s outlines supplement all major textbooks for courses in college algebra and will help to shorten your study time and master concepts with ease.

DIY drones for the Evil Genius book cover

Word by Word: 101 Ways to Inspire and Engage Students by Building Vocabulary, Improving Spelling, and Enriching Reading, Writing, and Learning (2019)

Author: Larry Swartz

Building one’s vocabulary never ends.  This handy resource of key strategies is meant to help you discover why words are important to build vocabulary, acquire confidence when spelling unfamiliar and difficult words, play with and celebrate words and language plus much more.

Suggestions from students, faculty, and staff for the purchase of new materials are always welcome too.

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