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New and Notable

Our New and Notable Resource List for December features e-Resources that provide you with useful learning and study strategies to help you achieve academic success.

Simplify Your Study book cover

Simplify Your Study: Effective Strategies for Coursework and Exams  (2020)

Author: Peter Lia

The book covers nine main areas to simplify one’s studying from obstacles to successes. Readers will find reliable and direct approaches to navigate assignments and instructors’ expectations regarding one’s studies. This vital resource will reassure students of all specialties and levels and help them reach their scholastic potential.

Getting The Best Out Of College For Students On The Autism Spectrum book cover

Getting The Best Out Of College For Students On The Autism Spectrum: A Workbook For Entering Further Education (2020)

Authors: Kate Ripley and Rebecca Murphy

This collaborative workbook provides support throughout one’s collegiate life and beyond. This helpful resource covers academic elements such as confronting exams with certainty and handling your study vs. social time as well as life matters such as making and maintaining a network of fun and supportive friends and family.

Student Exam Passport book cover

Student Exam Passport: Be Prepared: Revision Leads To Results. Neglect Leads To Regret (2020)

Author: Samson Yung-Abu

This book will guide readers to see studying and revision as crucial, enjoyable, straightforward, and appealing. They will find real-life scenarios and study techniques to address common mistakes and causes for bad grades. Before studying, self-reflection is necessary to identify how you fit into these 4 concepts – Accountability; Preparation, Learning Style and Priorities.  A part of academic success is knowing the difference between studying and revision and learning how to feel confident during exam time.

Letters to a New Student book cover

Letters to a New Student: Tips to Study Smarter from a Psychologist (2019)

Author: Gary W. Wood

Any new or returning student to anyone with interest in lifelong learning will be surprised that this is not just another study skills workbook. This book introduces common problems new students face and presents strategies and study skills to address each problem. The best part is that you get to decide how you read it in any order as it’s laid out in short, enticing tidbits of helpful learning and study tips.

The Return to Study Handbook book cover

The Return to Study Handbook: Study Skills for Mature, Distance, and Workplace Learners (2019)

Author: Chloe Burroughs

This timely resource provides strategies on how to study successfully through tips, practice examples, technology tools, case studies, and more. Readers will be pleased with the study techniques including exam preparation, useful notetaking and report writing. This book also addresses how to weigh your learning time with full or casual work, manage learning at a distance, prevent interruptions and procrastinations and turn your negative mental and emotional thoughts to manage your learning and achieve the results you desire.

Self-Care for College Students book cover

Self-Care for College Students From Orientation to Graduation, 150+ Easy Ways to Stay Happy, Healthy, and Stress-Free (2019)

Author: Julia Dellitt

This book provides readers with self-care advice for college. Allotting time for personal wellness is a necessary ingredient to live your best during your college years.  Taking advantage of some of these simplest tips to gratifying endeavors will help you tackle or embrace what you’re facing. Readers will appreciate natural and sensible actions that will help tackle and embrace with success during college.

Starving the Exam Stress Gremlin book cover

Starving the Exam Stress Gremlin: A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Workbook on Managing Exam Stress for Young People (2018)

Author: Kate Collins-Donnelly

Don’t let the Exam Stress Gremlin get you!  It seeks out anyone that has test fears, doubts, anxieties and worries and loves to add more unnecessary stress. Using cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, readers will become aware of their own exam stress and learn to combat it by looking at exam stress for what it is, how it thrives and the power it has over them. This workbook is packed with activities and tips to tame the gremlin by shifting thoughts and actions into exam success.

Click this link for some other test taking and studying resources in our collection.

We also want to make sure you are aware of this excellent campus resource, Student Development and Counselling, if you are facing any difficult stressful or emotional challenges. Counselling services are free and focus the well-being and success of SAIT students through free telephone or video appointments for current SAIT students. They also offer a range of on-line wellness workshops and self-help tools for when:

  • You're feeling stressed or overwhelmed
  • You need help working through a personal concern
  • You need help with your school work and academics
  • You're concerned about a friend

Book an appointment or email them at  counselling@sait.ca.

Here is a short list of other general interest resources that you might be interested in as well:

Productive Online and Offline Professor book cover

Productive Online and Offline Professor: A Practical Guide (2020)

Author: Bonni Stachowiak

More than ever, instructors in higher education are exploring ways to be effective and innovative while finding value in their work. Anyone teaching online will welcome the constructive strategies to assist in managing their teaching & productivity while fostering satisfied student relationships. This book provides real world tips to help balance one’s professional and personal lives while delivering successful online classes to varied group of student learners.

Pocket guide to LGBTQ Mental Health book cover

Pocket guide to LGBTQ Mental Health: Understanding the Spectrum of Gender and Sexuality (2020)

Authors: Eric Yarbrough and Petros Levounis

Mental health professionals who work with the LGBTQ clientele will find value the evidence-based information in this revealing and pragmatic handbook covering the diverse topic of emotional wellness. This book covers transgender, queer, bisexual, questioning, pansexual, gay, intersex, lesbian, asexual and allied beings ending with real life and candid answers to “Questions Well-Meaning People Ask.”  Clients and families will also, discover essential information on each gender or sexuality in a safe, authentic, encouraging way.

Lead Yourself to Success book cover

Lead Yourself to Success: Ordinary People Achieving Extraordinary Results Through Self-Leadership (2019)

Author: Alan Chambers

Taking charge of one’s personal journey is a choice, ultimately leading to success. The author shares his treks to both of the Poles to exhibit how learning is innate, preparation is necessary and the lessons can bring many remarkable prospects. Readers will discover that everyone has their own leadership style and the capacity for greatness in all aspects of life.

Healing Storytelling book cover

Healing Storytelling: The Art of Imagination and Storymaking for Personal Growth (2019)

Author: Nancy Mellon

Sharing our stories have the potential to heal and further develop ourselves while we navigate our highly digital life.  Readers will learn how to craft their story by setting the beginning and ending of it and using movement & direction within the story. The authors explore how to effectively tell a story with the voice cadences and other elements such as symbols, objects, words, seasons, moods and archetypal influences. Engaging oneself through healing puts meaning to one’s thoughts and feelings.

Suggestions from students, faculty, and staff for the purchase of new materials are always welcome too.

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