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Featured Resource: Gartner

Gartner is a global leader in providing accurate and current research for the IT industry. It provides insights on the current trends in technology, Information Technology management, business issues, organizations, strategy as well as a global perspective on the IT industry.

Developed by a team of leading researchers and authorities from around the world, Gartner is able to consistently provide expert opinions, guidance and tools for businesses and technologies in more than 100 countries worldwide. Challenge conventional thinking and make faster, smarter decisions with the tailored content that is provided through:

  • Access to proven management and technology research methodologies and related articles
  • Webinars and conferences
  • Benchmarking and diagnostics
  • Connections to other peers and leaders who understand your business, industry, or vocation

Gartner delivers invaluable curated business and IT resources that support your research, initiatives, and projects.

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