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October 2020 LibLights: Serving Our Community at a Distance

The Library has been operating at a distance since mid March, but our staff have been hard at work ensuring SAIT has access to expert services and high-quality information resources. We sat down with two faculty members to find out how the Library has supported them and their students:

Research and Instruction Support

Heather Setka has always made use of the Library, having worked with her Liaison Librarian Kevin Tanner at various stages of her research project.

“Knowing that they’re there to support me with not only my research ideas but also specific research components…gives me confidence in my work” said Heather when asked about her experiences using research services. From brainstorming ideas to finding specific articles to determining appropriate dissemination platforms, Heather knows firsthand the value of the Library.

That’s why Heather contacted Kevin in April to discuss how to best collaborate to support student research projects in her STAT4010 Research Methods Course. Heather and Kevin worked together to develop an integrated approach to STAT4010 that focused on ensuring students were supported throughout every stage of their research, just like Heather was.

Although Heather has made use of the instruction services at the Library before, she recognizes how important the connection to an expert in research is for students in STAT4010 and in other courses:  “I think that it’s one more point of contact online and it’s a really quality point of contact - because research is such a huge component in the majority of my classes…I am able to point my students to an expert in that area of my course.”

Industry Connections Thrive at the Library

As an Instructor in the Library and Information Technology (LIT) program, Donna Campbell is like many SAIT instructors: a subject matter expert who worked extensively in the field before starting in her current position. What makes Donna different is the ability to tap into her industry connections right here at SAIT.

This past Spring, Donna worked with Kristian McInnis, a graduate of the LIT program, to develop recorded staff profiles of SAIT Library staff. Although Donna has always introduced her students to staff in-person she knows that the more connections the students have to people in the field, the more comfortable they will feel in their studies.

But it’s not just LIT students who benefit from the expertise in the Library – every program benefits from the resources and services the Library provides. Donna encourages others within and outside the School of Information and Communications Technologies to reach out: “I always say to people use the Library people, use the staff. If they don’t know they’ll figure it out…if they don’t have it, they’ll find somebody who can help them.” We won’t argue with you there Donna!

Adapting to our Changing Times

The Library is continuously monitoring trends in the field to determine how to modify our services to ensure SAIT continues to have access to current published sources and resources.

No matter if you are student, staff member, or instructor, get in touch with your Liaison Librarian or email the Library for more information about how we can support you.

October 2020 LibLights – Highlighting Success Stories at the Reg Erhardt Library. Serving our Community at a Distance: Three Fast Stats. The Library continues to operate at a distance as we work to ensure SAIT has access to high quality information resources. Check out these three fast stats on our growth compared to last year*! *Data comparisons represent changes from March 16 to September 25 from 2019 to 2020. 51% increase in chats. We’ve employed the latest technology to squeeze our information desk into a tiny chat box. Just kidding—we’ve always had chat, it’s just been a bit busier lately!  Chat help is available—check sait.ca/library for hours. 54.9% more visits to LibGuides. Our LibGuides are perfect for the self-starters out there. Discover carefully curated resources, learn new research tips and strategies, and much, much more. You can find a list of all our guides at libguides.sait.ca. 205% more e-books added. We’ve strengthened our already extensive e-book collection, in addition to acquiring all the e-book  versions of textbooks that we could for Fall 2020. Discover new e-books or ask your librarian for help. Stay tuned for more details about service resumption in the Library

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