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Install Printers

Add a Library Print in Windows

  1. From the START Menu button, type "Run" in the search box.
  2. Click on the "Run" program.
  3. Type \\vprn2845.acdm.ds.sait.ca and click "OK".
  4. When prompted to login, enter your network domain\username and password. For example:
    • Domain\Username: ACDM\XXXXXX (student ID without the leading zeros)
    • Password: YYMMDD (default network password is your birthday)
  5. Double-click one of the following library printers:
    • Library_Printer-1: Level-1, entrance area
    • Library_Printer-2: Level-1, middle of east wall
    • Library_Printer-3: Level-0, middle of east wall,
  6. Close the Print Queue box and send your document to the printer.

These printers will appear in your list of available devices as:

  • M_Library_Printer-1 on vprn2845
  • M_Library_Printer-2 on vprn2845
  • M_Library_Printer-3 on vprn2845

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