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Books that Answer the 5 Ws

This past summer, the Library staff refreshed the print reference collection with updated resources and new ones, too. This collection is located on the perimeter shelving area on the other side of the fiction collection on the main floor of your Library.

What is a reference collection?

First, we all have asked questions such as:

Who was/is?  What is?  When did?  Where is?  Why do we use this? How do you spell?  What is the definition of a word?  When and where did this event occur?  Could you provide with a statistic on...?

Information and answers to these types of questions can be found in a reference book.  Also called background resource or reference source, it is a collection of materials designed to help you find answers and information quickly such as a fact, statistic, date, biography, definition, spelling, formula, address, phone number, overview and explanation.

These materials are used frequently so having them conveniently located near the Library service desk, is very important. Some examples are atlas, dictionary, encyclopedia, directory, and handbook.


Oxford Picture Dictionaries are illustrated, theme-based resources for second language learners. They define words through pictures and present each new word in context. Available in 12 bilingual editions for the following languages: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, French, Haitian Creole, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

MasterFormat : master list of numbers and titles for the Construction Industry, a publication of the Construction Specifications Institute, is primarily used to organize project manuals and detailed cost information, and to relate drawing notations to specifications.


We updated and added more English Language Dictionaries (Merriam-Webster and Oxford) and Roget's Thesauri.

World atlases from Oxford University Press & Times were added as well as the Canadian Geographic Atlas of Canada.

Many reference resources that were in print are now available online covering numerous topics.  Check out a sample of what Reg Erhardt Library has:

Britannica Online
Canadian Encyclopedia
Gale World History in Context
Bibliography of Native North Americans
Science Reference Centre
Shakespeare Collection
CARD (Canadian Advertising Rates and Data)
Reference USA: Canadian Businesses
Maps and Atlases
Petroleum DataMaps
Guides and Handbooks
CPA Standards and Guidance (knotia)
CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
Contemporary Authors
Literature Resource Centre
Data & Statistics
Facts and Comparisons
Mitchell ProDemand (vehicle repair)
RxTx (formerly called E-CPS - Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties)
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