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Use of Computers and Networks

The Reg Erhardt Library is a modern learning and research centre providing numerous computer workstations and network access to our patrons.

The library's computer workstations and laptops are intended for academic use. Priority is given to SAIT students, staff, and faculty who are using the workstations for academic activities, and use may be restricted to this purpose during periods of high demand.

Use of the wi-fi network by the SAIT community and visitors is subject the same terms of acceptable use as library computers. For assistance with setting up wi-fi, see Connecting to Wi-Fi.

All users must respect the Information Services User Code AD.2.7.1.

Saving Files

Files must be saved on your own storage device or on your personal network drive (usually H). Any personal files left on workstation hard drives are removed daily. Please save your work often, as the library is not responsible for data lost due to human error or system failure.


Users may access the applications provided on library computers. Installing other software is not permitted.

Copyright Infringement and Illegal Downloading

Learn about SAIT’s policies and obligations regarding copyright infringement and illegal downloading.

Guest Use of Computers and Wi-fi

The term "guest" refers to library visitors who are not current SAIT students, faculty or staff and who, therefore, lack their own network credentials.

Computer Access

The library has eight combination guest/student workstations (including two disability priority workstations) and two scanner workstations. Students have priority access. Guests will vacate their workstation if a student requires access.

Guest use is limited to one daily log-in, for a maximum of two hours and may be restricted further at busy times. The two-hour daily guest access maximum cannot be split into multiple visits.

Guests must sign in at the Information Desk and show staff an identification card or document that includes the guest's name and the name of the issuing agency. If photo ID is not available, staff will accept two pieces of non-photo ID. Examples of acceptable identification include:

  • Driver's license
  • SAIT alumni card
  • Student ID card
  • Charitable society
  • Passport

Library staff will log guests onto workstations. The guest login password is confidential and available only to library staff.

Guest wireless access

Visitors to the Reg Erhardt Library, who do not have SAIT network credentials and need wireless internet access, can request a temporary username and password at the Information Desk. Typically, guest accounts are valid for up to 5 business days. Guest accounts can be renewed upon request.

If you are a member of an Eduroam campus, you may access that network while at SAIT.

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