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Library Cards

The Reg Erhardt Library has a variety of library cards available for our users.


The SAIT ID card is the preferred library card for use by full-time students, faculty and staff to borrow materials from the library.

Part-time and distance students are entitled to a SAIT ID card from Office of the Registrar or eCard Office. The Library may issue a temporary library card to part-time and distance students who cannot easily get a SAIT ID card. Contract staff and faculty may also be issued a temporary library card.

Expiry of ID Card privileges

Students can access library resources while their classes are in session. Library privileges will expire on the last day of scheduled classes or upon withdrawal from SAIT.

Permanent staff and faculty retain library privileges until they leave SAIT.

Contract staff and faculty have library privileges for the period of their current contract.

Alumni Card

The Alumni Card can be used to borrow library materials.

Alumni cards are available to people who have graduated from a SAIT program. Contact the Alumni Office to see if you qualify.

Once you have your Alumni Card, bring it to the library's Information Desk to register for borrowing privileges. You can access our e-resources while visiting the library, though our license agreements may prevent you from using select products. Alumni do not have off-campus access to e-resources. 

Expiry of Alumni privileges

Alumni Cards do not expire. However, library privileges will expire annually to ensure the accuracy of your contact information.

The Alberta Library (TAL) Cards

The TAL card allows users, sponsored by a home library, to borrow materials from libraries across Alberta. You may return materials borrowed with your TAL card to any member library.

Current SAIT faculty, staff and students in good standing are eligible for a free TAL Card. You can use your TAL Card to borrow materials from any participating library in Alberta. To register just bring your SAIT ID card to the library's Information Desk.

You can search member libraries through talonline.ca. Each library has slightly different rules regarding TAL borrowers. Be sure to check on borrowing policies at the library you are borrowing from.

You are responsible for any materials borrowed from a TAL library. Fines and other charges must be paid directly to the library from where the material was borrowed.

Visitors to SAIT

Visitors can use TAL cards issued by other libraries to borrow material from the Reg Erhardt Library.

To begin borrowing, bring your TAL card to the library's Information Desk, along with a valid library card from your home library and proof of your current address.

You can access our e-resources while visiting the library, though our license agreements may prevent you from using select products. TAL borrowers do not have off-campus access to e-resources.

Expiry of TAL Card privileges

TAL Cards expire on the date set by your home library.

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