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Cover of the book Gender: What Everyone Needs to Know, by Laura Erickson-Schroth and Benjamin Davis

Gender: What Everyone Needs to Know (2021)

This reader-friendly compendium explores aspects of gender and identity in the last 80 years. Starting in the 1950s, and leading to the current day, this book outlines how experts are gaining insight on gender in culture and the sciences while new information is surfacing and more awareness of transgender and nonbinary populations is occurring. The authors explore all elements of gender through questions and answers. Readers will learn the latest definitions, culture on gender, its history and norms in our world.

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The book cover of Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education: Lessons from Across Asia

Diversity and Inclusion in Global Higher Education: Lessons from Across Asia (2020)

This book provides innovative research and useful practices for bringing diversity and inclusion into higher education teaching and syllabus.

There is a demand for international education courses in Asia and the benefits of knowing the ever-changing student diversity globally.

The editors share diversity from cultural and traditional expectations, social-economics as well as the physical, behavioural and compassionate qualities required for instruction, marking and evaluation.

It presents ways to engage students through course material, writing methods, and the challenges of instructing in critical learning studies, mature learners, and gender and specific local populations. Anyone involved in deep life-long learning of students and instituting innovative education will welcome this latest research.

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