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eGaming League

Ready to get together and play?!

Join SAIT's eGaming league and connect with the SAIT gaming community — as teammates and competitors — for some fun online. Join with a group of classmates or as a free agent and get matched up for some friendly competition among other SAIT gamers. Our community plays all types of games including Rocket League, League of Legends, Valorant, Chess, MarioKart, and more!

Teams set their own schedules, play as often as they like and compete against each other informally. Once you're registered, we'll send you an invite to our Discord server so you can stay up to date on everything happening in the league. Can't wait to see you there!

How to register

Download the IMLeagues app for Apple or Android or visit IMleagues.com. If you're new to IMLeagues, create a new account for yourself:

  1. Select SAIT eGaming League on the school/organization drop-down menu.
  2. Enter your first, last name and email address (must be your SAIT email address).
  3. Create a password.
  4. Complete the other fields with the program, school, SAIT ID, pronouns and Discord handle. 
  5. Submit and check for a confirmation email.

Once you have an account and log in, you can easily join as a free agent, sign-up for teams, view your schedule and connect with players through our Discord server.

If you do not create an IMLeagues account, you will not be eligible to participate in the eGaming League.

Log in to your IMLeagues accounts and select Create/Join Team.

You can also visit IMLeagues.com to see a list of currently available games. Select the game you wish to join and follow the instructions. Don’t see the game you want to play? Message an admin on Discord or at student.engagement@sait.ca to get a new game set up.

Create/join a team

Team captains should create the team within IMLeagues.

Once a captain has created a team, they can invite members to the team by selecting Invite members on the team page. If team members have already registered with IMLeagues, captains can search for their name and invite them. Otherwise, they can invite them by email address.

Team members should see the invitation from their captain when they select Create/Join Team. Accept the invitation here.

Team members must register with IMLeagues and accept the team invitation in order to participate.

Team captains need to ensure all team members are listed on the roster before the first game.

Join as a free agent

Participants can list themselves as free agent in as many games as they would like. You will be visible to all members on the site and can request to join teams or post information about yourself so teams can request you to join them.

Sign the waiver

All players must complete the online waiver in order to play. A waiver is required for each game and each semester.

Team captains are a vital link in the communication process between SAIT eGaming Student Leaders and the individual participants. Captains are responsible for obtaining and understanding all SAIT eGaming information, passing it on to team members and keeping up-to-date on schedule changes.

Captain responsibilities

  • Attend all mandatory meetings.
  • Relay schedule changes to your team.
  • Inform all players of policies, procedures and rules.
  • Submit and ensure accurate scores and fair play.
  • Ensure your team treats all players and SAIT representatives with respect.
  • Inform an admin as soon as possible if your team is unable to attend a game by emailing student.engagement@sait.ca or messaging them in Discord.
  • Maintain a cooperative attitude with SAIT eGaming staff; serve as an example of good sportsmanship for others to follow.
  • Act as the first line of communication in-game situations.


All current members of the SAIT community are eligible to participate in the eGaming League. This includes:

  • Current full-time students
  • Current part-time or distance students
  • Current apprentices
  • Current employees (faculty and staff)
  • Alumni

Note: Community members are not eligible to join the SAIT eGaming League at this time.

A current SAIT email address is required to join the eGaming League.


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