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eGaming League

Ready to get together and play?!

SAIT Trojans Esports gives opportunities for SAIT Students who are interested in Esports with both our competitive and casual communities.

Our competitive community offers dedicated teams to compete in external competitions through different Esports leagues and represent the SAIT Trojans. Just like our other SAIT Trojans Programs, students are committed to 90 minutes practice time per game per week.

The games we offer teams for are:

  • Rocket League
  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Chess

Our casual community offers a safe space for SAIT/AUArts students to express their love for video games. We offer activities, events, and drop ins for SAIT/AUArts students. We have our own dedicated Esports studio with 16 Alienware Computers with 3080 GPUs and 240hz monitors, 2 Nintendo Switches, and 1 Xbox One.

In partnership with the SAIT LEADS student leadership program, we host a dedicated Esports Discord Server with over 500 members for our SAIT/AUArts Students.

For more information and to learn how to get involved please contact Trojans.Esports@sait.ca.


All current members of the SAIT community are eligible to participate in the Esports Community. This includes:

  • Current full-time students
  • Current part-time or distance students
  • Current apprentices
  • Current employees (faculty and staff)
  • Alumni

Note: External community members are not eligible to join the SAIT Esports Community at this time.

A current SAIT email address is required to join the Esports Community Discord.

Contact us

Trojans, Athletics and Recreation
403.284.8027 campus.centre@sait.ca

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