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Accommodations and services

Students with documented disabilities or health conditions may be eligible for a number of accommodations and services.

The type of accommodation and service is dependent on the nature of the documented disability or health condition, with the intention to remove barriers related to the functional limitation of the disability or health condition.

If you think you may have a condition affecting your learning, but have not been formally diagnosed, please contact Accessibility Services as we may be able to arrange an assessment.

Steps for accessing accommodations and services

Students may have the following accessibility needs or health conditions:

  • mobility
  • sensory (vision or hearing)
  • learning disabilities and ADD/ADHD
  • neurological
  • psychological
  • chronic health conditions
  • temporary disabling conditions (broken wrist)

Students may be eligible to use the accommodations and services we offer, after following the four steps outlined below: 

Step one

The student provides appropriate documentation of his/her disability or health condition. The Accessibility Advisor reviews the documentation and recommends appropriate academic accommodations and services.

  • Eligibility for specific accommodations and services depends on the nature of the disability/health condition, the documentation substantiating the disability/health condition and the requirements of each course or program.
  • Documentation must be written by a professional with expertise in the area of the specific disability/health condition. It must describe the current impact of the disability/health condition and recommend accommodations appropriate for studies at a technical institution.
Step two

The student discusses his/her needs with the Accessibility Advisor, usually prior to each semester or training period.

Arranging accommodations/services and obtaining proper funding takes time, please contact us at least six months before the first day of the semester you plan on attending.

Step three

If the student requires classroom or examination accommodations, the Accessibility Advisor will make the recommendations in a memo to the instructor(s). The student is responsible for delivering a copy of this to each instructor at the beginning of the semester or training period.

Step four

Students who are eligible for funding (The Canada Study Grant for the accommodation of Students with Permanent Disabilities, Disability Related Employment Supports, Workers Compensation Board (WCB) or private disability insurance) must apply to offset the cost of some accommodations and services.

Accommodation Memos

If you are a returning student who has previously registered with Accessibility Services and received accommodations in the past, please complete the form below within the first two weeks of your semester beginning in order to receive your accommodations.

After completing the form, you will receive an email with your accommodation memo within five business days from when you completed your online request. It is your responsibility to forward your accommodation memo to your instructors at the beginning of each semester.

Please note that if your GPA is below 2.5 or you require changes to your current accommodations you will need to book an appointment with your accessibility advisor.

Request your memo

Funding resources

Depending on your accessibility needs, there are several funding options available for services and support while attending SAIT. An Accessibility Advisor and SAIT Financial Advising will assist with application processes that are used to determine eligibility. 

Canada Study Grant and Schedule 4 application

The Schedule 4 application for students with permanent disabilities provides funding for services and assistive technologies for eligible post-secondary students. The grant is available for part-time and full-time students in credited diploma, certificate, degree and apprenticeship programs.

Schedule 4 grant eligibility is determined by satisfying several requirements, including:

  • Canada Study Grant loan approval for the academic year, and
  • Current, medical documentation clearly identifying a permanent disability diagnosis.

Full-time and part-time Canada Study Grant (CSG) loan applications are available through Alberta Student Aid. The Schedule 4 application is also available through Alberta Student Aid, however, the application must be signed by an Accessibility Advisor prior to submission.

If you require additional information on the Canada Study Grant and the Schedule 4 application, please contact Alberta Student Aid or SAIT Financial Advising.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities policy

Students with disabilities are responsible for familiarizing and understanding SAIT's policies and procedures — AC3.16.1 — with this particular policy pertaining to accommodation decisions and students with disabilities rights and responsibilities.

For more information surrounding the AC3.16.1 Accommodations for Students with Disabilities policy, or other policies and procedures, please contact Accessibility Services.

Contact Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services
(fax) 403.210.4557
Lamb Learner Success Centre, MC221, Stan Grad Centre

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